What to visit in Colombia: 6 must-see places for your first visit

What to visit in Colombia: 6 must-see places for your first visit

If we talk about places to visit in Colombia, lots of tourist sites come to mind in this beautiful country. Of great cultural wealth, Colombia is the destination for many when preparing their trip.

Therefore, we want you to know some of the must-see destinations if you are thinking of traveling to Colombia for the first time. They will captivate you!

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1. Cartagena de Indias

This city has become one of the most visited tourist places in Colombia in recent times. The beaches, the Caribbean atmosphere, its people and especially the walks through the historic center of Cartagena, are some of the most recommended places to see in Colombia.

In the old days, Cartagena de Indias was one of the most important ports in America, with a high level of maritime traffic. At that time the construction of the Walled City was carried out, another important icon to consider if you are going to travel to Colombia.


  • The castle of San Felipe
  • The walled city
  • The San Pedro Claver Church
  • Rosario Islands
  • Barú Island

2. Río Claro Reserve, a natural paradise to see in Colombia

Located three hours by car from Medellín, in Antioquia, is the Río Claro Reserve that will leave all nature lovers speechless. This impressive natural site, which has more than 200 hectares is very prepared for tourism and is one of the most beautiful places in Colombia.

In the canyon, you can enjoy its humid forests while you practice rafting and many other activities. In addition, you can stay next to the reserve and, if you are passionate about birds, spending the morning watching all your movements will be an unforgettable experience on your trip to Colombia.


  • Marble Beach
  • Temple of time
  • Manantial Beach
  • Cayman Mouth
  • The Dantas

3. Puerto Nariño, Amazonas

If you are still thinking of visiting Colombia, a great option is Puerto Nariño. On the shore of the Loretoyacu River is this curious place, we say curious since its waters are black due to the decomposition of vegetables, incredible not ?.

This quiet town has just over 7,000 inhabitants, the majority of indigenous ethnicity and this adds even more value to its already great natural charm. Striking colors attract attention in this Colombian town located in the Amazon.

Do you want a car-free place and connect with the pure essence of visiting Colombia? This and many more activities such as visiting parks with the whole family or admiring the Amazon lotuses are making Nariño a mandatory place to see in Colombia.


  • Urban center and viewpoint
  • Natütama Foundation Museum
  • Pink and Gray Dolphin Watching
  • Excursion to Lake Tarapoto
  • Wochine Reserve

4. Villa de Leyva

If we talk about historical destinations to visit in Colombia, Villa de Leyva is one of them. In this small town, we will feel at home as we will enjoy an excellent reception from the locals.

Getting lost in its cobbled streets while admiring its clean white facades is a luxury that will take us back several years in history. In addition, staying in this beautiful and cozy town is quite cheap, so you can not miss your trip to Colombia with which you dream so much.


  • Iguaque Lagoon
  • Terracotta House
  • Archaeological Park of Monquirá
  • Iguaque Sanctuary
  • Gondava

5. San Andres Island, a great reason to travel to Colombia

This island is the largest in the archipelago of the same name and is a destination that you cannot miss on a trip to Colombia. It must also be said that this Caribbean island is one of the most tourist places in Colombia, and is perfect for all those who love the sea.

However, it should be noted that this island is more than 700 km from Colombia, so it is easier to travel from Nicaragua, which is about 100 km from San Andres Island. Here you can practice water sports such as snorkeling and thus observe its impressive seabed. You will want to stay to live in Colombia!


  • Spratt Bight Beach
  • Big Pond Lagoon
  • Rocky cay
  • Aquarium Key
  • San Andres

6. Cali, the branch of heaven

Cali is one of the most beautiful places in the country and many claim it. Its spectacular and colorful atmosphere makes it one of the best places to see in Colombia. In addition, from the first moment, the locals will welcome you and you will feel at home.

Its churches are impressive and it is obligatory to walk admiring them while enjoying a refreshing drink. Something to see in Cali obligatorily? The monument to Cristo Rey, which is practically the same as that of Rio de Janeiro only 4 meters smaller.

Colombia is an ideal destination to enjoy its culture, its locals and its impressive corners. Don’t come back from a trip to Colombia without having learned to dance salsa!


  • Churchill the Ermita
  • Chapel of San Antonio
  • La Tertulia Museum
  • Cayzedo Square
  • Loma de la Cruz Park

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