What to see and do in Venice in 4 days

Rialto Bridge, What to see Venice
What to see and do in Venice in 4 days

They say that it is the city of lovers. Actually, Venice is one hundred and eighteen islands who joined each other across bridges. And from there, his nickname: “City of the Channels”.

And it is precisely the channels that have conferred on Venice its special charm, attracting millions of tourists every year eager to cross the city through vaporettos – the most romantic will do so in gondolas – or simply walking through charming alleys and bridges.

What to see in Venice in 4 days of Tourism

Evocative and full of mystery, let’s go the best of Venice on a journey of several days.

Day 1: Starting the tour of the best of Venice

If there is a special place to start to visit Venice, the famous Piazza San Marco is an excellent starting point. In this romantic square is the Palazzo Ducale and the Ponte dei Sospiri. But what most attracts visitors is the St. Mark’s Basilica and its Campanile, from which the best views of the city are offered.

The next point will be Ponte Rialto, which is reached after walking in the direction of the sestiere – neighborhood or district – of San Polo. The charm of this area is undoubtedly the Mercato Rialto, where the fusion of the senses becomes an irresistible temptation.

Taking the direction of the Dorsoduro sestiere, it is highly recommended to get lost later in the Campo Santa Margherita. This area is the most cheerful in the city as it is full of students, giving them a very jovial character, making it the place most recommended to eat at a good price.

After this, a Vaporetto will be an ideal means of transport to cross the Grand Canal –Canale Grande in Italian- and reach the Cannaregio sestiere.

Walking through the Ponte Delle Gugglie you will see the Jewish quarter. Really magical will be a walk through the Fondamenta della Misericordia: the reflection of light in the water, the houses … A halo never seen before envelops this area with care. And to end the day, there is nothing better than having an authentic Italian coffee at Torrefazione Marchi, a tasteful local cafe that convinces both locals and travelers alike.

From here it will be easy to return again to the starting point, the Piazza San Marco, while the sunset delights us with its colors scattered along the canals…

Basilica of Santa Maria on the Grand Canal
Basilica of Santa Maria on the Grand Canal


For the second day …

We will start the day again in the Piazza San Marco, this day must be used to visit those enclaves that passed by on the first day. Thus, the Running Museum will be a must stop.

Walking towards the Dorsoduro sestiere you will reach Ca ’Rezzonico. It is an imposing palace inside which is the Museo del Settencento.

The Gallerie dell’Accademia is the next point to see in Venice is one of the largest and most important galleries in the world. However, it is advisable to book the entrance well in advance from its website since the queues to access it are endless even if you arrive even an hour before it opens.

Then, take advantage of the tour to visit the Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute It will be an excellent option. Its facade and its beautiful dome -which dominates the views of the city sky- usually impress the tourist.

St. Mark's Square Venice tourism to see
Saint Mark’s Square at sunset

The third day of travel in Venice: art and food

Taking a Vaporetto on line 1 towards San Tomà, there are two important museums worth visiting: the Scuola Grande di San Rocco and the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca ’d’ Or.

From the first, you can easily reach the beautiful Basilica Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari, inside which works of great value are hoarded. Ca ’d’ Or is a beautiful palace whose marble facade with golden details already invites you to enter from the canal.

There will be time to meet on this day two basilicas. Again from the Venetian epicenter located in San Marco, you reach the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore, through the Vaporetto of line 2.

Works of the great Tintoretto they wait to be seen inside. The other temple is the largest in the city: the Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, which is accessed via line 1 with a stop in the already visited Rialto area.

As a recommendation, to dine in the purest Italian style, Cantinone Gia ’Schiavi Dorsoduro promises excellent dishes: artichokes, cheeses, paninis … Splendid!

island of burano and murano
Colored houses on the island of Burano

What to see in Venice on day 4; the islands of Murano and Burano

To move to them, the best means of transport is the Allilaguna green line. In about three and a half hours this route will cover the route that connects the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello.

In addition, you can choose the convenience of taking a programmed excursion that simplifies the reading of the maps and allows us to explore them at will. Book here the tour to Murano and Burano.

And it is that for about twenty euros you will visit beautiful unforgettable places. So, starting with the beautiful Murano can be seen in its famous glasses known throughout the world.

After her, Burano: the living -and famous- colors of their houses they make up a perfect picture worthy of being photographed before getting off the boat. And to finish, flirty and shiny will rise Torcello with its ancient Basilica di Santa María dell’Assunta.

A final dinner to bid farewell to this trip should take place in the busy Piazza San Marco. Any of the restaurants located in this environment will like because only the location is already a privilege. And although “Ciao, Venezia!” Is whispered inside, in love as we will leave, we will have the need to return at some other time if we do not find another beautiful city worth conquering as this one will have done.

Places to see near Venice

If you have more vacation days or are doing a route through northern Italy, there are some places that are a must.

One of them is the city ​​of Verona, the city where Shakespeare placed Romeo and Juliet is one of his best-known plays. Verona is just over an hour away from Venice, so it’s a very easy getaway.

A little further away is the beautiful city of Bergamo. One of the most beautiful and best-preserved Italian medieval cities. Located very close to Milan and the well-known Lago di Como, it is one of the most visited areas in Lombardy.

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