What to carry in your traveling suitcase to optimize space?

What to carry in your traveling suitcase to optimize space?

When planning a trip, what we usually do is leave the suitcase for the last moment. It is very likely that this can cause unforeseen events and delays that could become a problem.

On this occasion, we will leave you some very effective tips to make the most of your luggage space.

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A backpack

If your stay will be short, we recommend you take a single backpack, the capacity of these is measured in liters. It carries a 20L and will be more than enough.

How many clothes to wear?

The ¾ of the backpack, do not fill it completely since that space can be used with useful things that you can have on hand.

What to wear

Before the trip it is necessary to find out the climate of the place where you are planning to travel so you know what type of clothes to wear, it is advisable to plan your outfits to combine with each other and with a maximum of two pairs of shoes.

In addition, you should pack preferred toilet accessories in an organizer, your gadgets should also be enlisted in a special case.

How to pack? 

To optimize space it is necessary to pack the rolled clothes, even if you do it correctly you will avoid wrinkling, another recommendation is to place the socks or socks inside the shoes.

Try to fill all the empty spaces of the suitcase or backpack, the order is as follows

First, it is convenient to place what you will wear in the last days, in between the underwear and the sleepwear, and on top of all the clothes that you will wear the first days of your trip. Shoes always at your sides to optimize space.

Most common mistakes

Carrying what you do not normally use, thinking of “just in case” is a serious mistake since the safest thing is that you do not use it and it will make you lose a part of your space that you can take advantage of with something more useful.

Another big mistake on a long trip is to wear a lot of clothes when it is preferable to use the laundry service of the lodgings.

Buying hardcover luggage, it is preferable to opt for cloth or cover luggage that fits things in this way will be easier to accommodate back home, if you make purchases. At this point, it is advisable to remove the packages that usually take up a lot of space.

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