Trip to Cancun, Mexico: How much money is needed?

Trip to Cancun, Mexico: How much money is needed?

A trip to Cancun is something you have probably dreamed of. Enjoy its beautiful paradisiacal beaches, disconnect from everything, escape the routine and enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of Cancun. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

You will want to visit Cancun when you discover the average budget you will need if you are planning to travel to the Caribbean.

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Cancun, the best of the Riviera Maya

This beautiful city is located in Quintana Roo, Mexico is famous throughout the world and has been listed as a truly paradisiacal corner. The weather in Cancun is always good and is one of the main reasons why he falls in love with his visitors.

Surrounded by the clean waters of the Caribbean Sea, it is the ideal destination to open your vacation time in Mexico in style. But be careful, if you make a trip to Cancun, you may not want to go home.

Cancun, the best of the Riviera Maya
Cancun, the best of the Riviera Maya

Mexico Currency

Before you start planning your vacation in Cancun, you should know what currency is used in the city. In this case, the official Mexican currency is used, which is the Mexican peso (MXN).

You will wonder how much 1 Mexican peso is worth to change your currency, but it really is something that constantly varies. The most up-to-date website and that we recommend to make the currency exchange is: XE.

Dollar-Mexican Peso: 1 USD = 19.69 MXN

How to find cheap flights to Cancun

Plan your trip to Cancun, Mexico
Plan your trip to Cancun, Mexico

To make trips to Cancun you need to plan your trip from the beginning so you don’t miss anything. Especially if you want to do it in the most economical way possible.

Some examples so that you can orient yourself with flights to Cancun:

  • There are direct flights to Cancun from Buenos Aires for around 434 USD.
  • You can find flights from Bogota to Cancun for only 271 USD.
  • Or there are also flights from Lima to travel to the Caribbean for about 488 USD.

Remember to look for flights to Cancun quietly and with time. Especially months in advance. Also, search frequently so you don’t miss the best offer and be able to make cheap trips to Cancun as many travelers do.

Hotels in Cancun

The hotel zone of Cancun offers accommodations for quite good prices and suitable for all travelers. The Caribbean is a popular destination for all kinds of tourists and that makes accommodation in Cancun accessible.

  • Cheap hotels in Cancun: The cheapest room can be found for about $17 per night and they are usually close to downtown and the beaches of Cancun.
  • Mid-level hotels in Cancun: An average price hotel with a little more class can be found between $ 34-44 USD a night. This price is quite competitive.
  • Luxury hotels in Cancun: If our budget is not limited and we like to travel in luxury, in Cancun we have it very easy. Many rooms in 4 and 5-star hotels can be found for only $65 per night in downtown Cancun, Mexico.

Finding hotels in Cancun is really a luxury compared to other places that are equally or less touristy. You also have to keep in mind that these prices rise quite a lot in the hotel zone of Cancun.

Cancun excursions

Most Beautiful Beach in Cancun, Mexico
Most Beautiful Beach in Cancun, Mexico

If you still don’t know what to do in Cancun, don’t worry. In this destination, there are hundreds of activities and very good prices that range between 35 and 110 USD. The beaches of Cancun are one of the most recommended things and we all know it, but Cancun has much more to offer besides its beaches.

These are the 5 excursions in Cancun most recommended by travelers:

  • Diving in Cancun
  • Chichen Itza
  • Xcaret Park
  • Xel Há Aquarium
  • Cozumel

How much to eat in Cancun

In Cancun, there are many hotels that offer breakfast included, so if you want to save this meal it is recommended that you choose this option when booking and not have to worry more.

A Romantic Dinner at the Beach of Cancun, Mexico
A Romantic Dinner at the Beach of Cancun, Mexico

Meals in Cancun are quite cheap, we can eat perfectly from $7 and dinner from $9. That is, by allocating about $17 per person we will have solved the theme meals on our trip to Cancun.

If we give more importance to the food and we are not worried about this expense, for example, you make a trip to Cancun as a couple and want a romantic dinner, we must prepare at least $55, although it is certainly worth it!

Transportation prices in Cancun

The most important thing to keep in mind about transportation is how to get from the Cancun International Airport to the city center or to your hotel zone. These are the two most recommended options:

  • Bus: The cheapest bus has a value of $3.4 and is very accessible as it has routes throughout the city. The temperature in Cancun is always pleasant to use this transport and that is important.
  • Taxi: If we are looking for something more personal or have a lot of luggage, the most comfortable option is to take a taxi. Of course, since we do not have taximeters, we recommend you set the price with the driver beforehand. Do not let them go through being a tourist!

With booking about $5.5 a day for transportation in Cancun, it will be enough since you can move around the city by bus quietly. Of course, keep in mind that if you want to make an excursion through the Riviera Maya, everything will go separately and depend on the agency with which you get the ticket.

As you can see there is a lot to see in Cancun, you can visit it as a luxury tourist, as a backpacker or even as a local. Depending on your budget, it is a city that adapts to your possibilities. Money is no longer an excuse to make a trip to Cancun, Mexico!

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