Tricks to make the perfect suitcase this summer holidays

Tricks to make the perfect suitcase this summer holidays

Summer is here and with it comes the time to travel. Remember to put many bikinis to go to the beach, good boots if you are going to go hiking or even a coat if you choose to live an adventure in the southern hemisphere, they are just the basic notes to make the perfect suitcase during this vacation. But for those who want to make sure that nothing fails in their luggage, we have compiled a few tricks that will help you make the perfect suitcase :

Make a list

Although it seems simple it is one of the most effective things when it comes to packing. Writing down a list of everything you need to spend a few days outside can avoid forgetting and easily show if you are trying to load more things than necessary. It is about adding or subtracting things to the list depending on whether they are essential or not.

The most advisable thing is not to leave the list last minute and add in it everything that is necessary to take away. Nothing should be left to improvisation. It should be included from the toothbrush to street clothes, underwear or medicines if necessary.

In clothes: bet on combinations

Another trick to carry less weight in the suitcase is to bet on the combinations of clothes. Count the number of days you will be traveling and combine different pieces together to get different sets

The most advisable thing is to create at least two combinations with each piece and choose more or less neutral clothes, considered as a wardrobe. They also insist on the importance of combining each set with sports shoes and a more formal one, in order to use it in any context.

Another good idea is to always wear an extra shirt, just in case ‘just in case’ and remember to take a coat for the plane. In these flying devices, it is always cold.

Of course, in terms of clothing, you have to keep in mind that not everything is valid in some countries. There are prohibitions as regards clothing in destinations such as Malaysia, which does not allow the yellow color in clothing or that in France the fakes are persecuted.

Form tubes

It is time to organize things inside the suitcase. The best way to optimize the little space available and prevent the clothes from wrinkling is to wind the clothes in the form of tubes

In addition, it is also advisable to separate underwear and shoes from other garments using plastic or cloth bags. This will avoid digging through your luggage and messing it up until you find a specific garment.

Distribute weight

Another tip is to distribute the weight of the luggage in the bag. If you carry a suitcase of wheels it is advisable that the heaviest is at the bottom to prevent it from unbalancing. In the case of backpacks, it is best to place the heaviest objects in the center.

Don’t forget the bags

Carrying plastic or cloth bags is a good trick to improve luggage organization once the destination has been reached. They can be used to separate dirty clothes from clean ones, to store food or even gifts.

For those who don’t stop: solid

If you are going to catch many flights, it is best to avoid liquids. In this way, they will not have to be taken out of the luggage every time a security check is crossed and they will be passed faster. How to avoid carrying liquids? 

Simple: the majority of liquid products that are usually carried in luggage have their solid version. There are solid shampoos, conditioners, gels, and even perfumes, dentifrices or deodorants.

If you fly, add the ‘fragile’ sticker

For those who catch a flight this summer, another trick collected by the American Travel & Leisure magazine is to request a sticker from the airline window that indicates that the luggage is ‘fragile’ and place it in the luggage visibly. Thus, according to experts, you can gain options for your luggage to receive greater care and minimize those of the airline losing it.

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