Travel to Spain: how much money is needed?

Travel to Spain: how much money is needed?

Do you plan to travel to Spain? The country has a great cultural, artistic and gastronomic wealth. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Spain, are dances such as flamenco, dishes like his famous paella or the Spanish potato omelet, which we can find of good quality in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

But Spain is much more than that. Do you think you could make cheap trips to Spain? Are there many things to see in Spain? find out here.

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Spain, The land of traditions

There are many traditions and customs in Spain, as well as many typical products. In addition, its beautiful landscapes will leave you completely captivated. Beautiful natural parks where thousands of different species inhabit, paradisiacal beaches that expand along its coasts and a host of typical Spanish food. What is certain is that, if you travel to the Peninsula, you will not regret traveling through Spain.

It is also a country that stands out for its great parties. In the spring season, they enjoy the famous Holy Week, where they remember the death of Jesus. In winter, Christmas in Spain is also a date marked on the calendar. And, in between, a host of celebrations that reflect much the culture of Spain.

It is also a place that has too many topics. Some true, many true others. But what is certain is that there are many things to see in Spain and it is a land that has everything to enjoy it.

How to get to Spain

Spain is a very well connected country in general. In order to access it, it is possible to do it through all means of transport. It all depends on your place of origin.

  1. Spain by train: if your place of origin is another European country, it is a good idea to arrive by train. However, it is more advisable to use this means to move inside the country.
  2. Travel to Spain by plane: the airports of Spain with the best international connections are those of Madrid Barajas, located in the capital of Spain; but also those of Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Alicante or Tenerife if you want to know the Canary Islands, belonging to the African continent.
  3. Spain by road: Spain’s routes are in very good condition. It is an excellent way to travel very cheaply in Spain or to access if you come from other countries such as Portugal or France.
  4. Spain by cruise or ferry: the Peninsula also has good connections through the ports of Spain. In fact, it was the most used means in the past to cross into South America.

Spanish currency

The official currency of Spain is the Euro (€), as in virtually all other European Union countries. It is usually worth more than the dollar. However, this is something that changes every day. The most updated page we recommend to make the currency exchange is XE.

How to find cheap flights to Spain

If you want to plan trips to Spain, the first thing you should do is start looking for cheap flights to Spain. It depends on where you live, but the truth is that having so many airports, it will be easy to find a cheap airline ticket.

A trick that usually works is to buy a ticket to a city ​​that has a small airport. In the event that your flight arrives in Madrid, keep in mind to shuffle the budget with which you have and make sure to look for the cheapest season to travel to Spain ( the months of May, September, October, and November ).

However, there are also offers of flights that reach Madrid and do not leave at a price that is too excessive. For example, there are cheap flights to Spain from Argentina for about 730 USD (650 euros).

Hotels in Spain

Accommodation in Spain varies in price according to the destination in which you stay, as in any place, and the quality you intend to obtain. It can be somewhat more expensive compared to other countries. For this sample, we will choose accommodation in Madrid to give you an idea of ​​the price per night in a hotel.

The hotels in the center of Madrid, we can find from 10 euros a night (about 12 dollars) even with breakfast included. This price is quite good, although it can also influence the season in which you want to stay.

In the center of the cities of Spain, there is also the option to rent a complete apartment, in the case for example that you travel to Spain with family or friends, for about 55 USD (50 euros) a night. Although the price rises, it all depends on whether you will share expenses with the rest of the group.

The 5-star luxury hotels in Spain, we find from 165 USD (150 euros) a night. The price rises much more, of course, but the quality is also unbeatable to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Spain.

How much Spanish food is worth

Traditional Spanish food is famous worldwide for its undeniable delicacy. Spanish potato omelet, seafood paella, Madrid stew or croquettes are some of the typical dishes of Spain that we can find in any restaurant or bar. Without a doubt, something you should try if you are going to travel to Spain.

There are many places to eat in Spain very rich and at a good price. A menu in a hamburger restaurant ranges between 6 and 15 euros depending on where you are going to take it. In a bar or restaurant of Spanish cuisine, we can find the menu of the day from about 10 euros (with the first course, second, dessert, and coffee).

To drink something, beer usually costs from one euro or 1.20. A soda, you can enjoy it from about 2 euros. The latte usually has a standard price of 1.20 euros but will find it more expensive in certain places. Eating cheap in Spain is possible.

Transport price if you are traveling to Spain

There are so many things to see in Spain that you will need to know the best way to move around the country and at what price. There are several means of transport in Spain and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Taxi fares in Spain: one hour of normal fare leaves for about 20.30 euros, leaving the kilometer at 1.06 euros. The start of the service goes to 3.20 euros.
  • Bus or subway: a journey by bus or subway leaves at 1.50 euros. The monthly payment in a city like Madrid leaves from 53 euros in the event that you spend 26 years and for 20 euros if you are under that age.

Traveling in Spain is something worth doing at least once in a lifetime. Soaking up your cultural wealth and exquisite Spanish cuisine is something that will convince you if you still have doubts.

Ideally, write down everything you want to do and have a budget notebook so you don’t miss out. Doing so, surely you can travel for cheap in Spain.

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