Travel to Santorini, Greece: how much money do you need?

how to get to Santorini Greece

Have you ever thought about travel to Santorini in Greece? Enjoying its Greek beaches, landscapes and sunsets is a gem that many fall in love with. But you may wonder, how much money do I need for a vacation in Santorini? Can you make a trip to Santorini cheap? There’s a lot what to see in Santorini?

Santorini, a beautiful island in Greece

Santorini is that little Greek island located south of the Aegean Sea. In fact, it is a diamond that many dreams of. Santorini’s beaches, its crystal clear waters, its small and cozy houses with white facades and its characteristic blue roofs make us transport ourselves to another era.

Dream with Santorini is to dream about endless summer days. Rest days under an infinite blue sky, and enjoy the wildest and most impressive part of holidays in Santorini. Relaxing here is guaranteed, but you should also know that there is a lot to do in Santorini.

It doesn’t take much talking about the island to convince yourself that it is a highly praised tourist destination. where to go to Greece. In fact, surely you have already thought more than once about a getaway through Europe landing in this well-known place. But can they be done cheaply to travel to Santorini to enjoy everything the island has to offer? Keep reading and you will find the answer!

How to get to Santorini

There are only two ways to get to the island Santorini, one is by boat and the other by plane.

  1. Santorini by Boat: Ferries are available departing from the islands near Santorini. Some of them are Paros, Crete, Mykonos or also Athens. The most recommended option to search for ferries to Santorini is the website of Let’s Ferry.
  2. Santorini by Plane: This is undoubtedly the most comfortable and fastest way to get to Santorini.

Greece currency

The official currency used in Santorini, Greece is the euro (EUR). You will ask yourself how much is 1 euro to the exchange of your currency, but it is something that is constantly changing. The most updated page that we recommend making the currency exchange is XE.

How to find cheap flights to Santorini

As soon as we think about Santorini, Greece, the first thing we should do is Reserve a flight. Depending on the part of the world you are in, it may be more or less economical. Therefore, we focus on a budget within the island, to get an idea of ​​what it means to travel to Santorini.

However, a very useful tip when booking the flight is to do it with at least two months in advance Since the Santorini island It is a fairly popular destination.

This budget will also vary depending on if you are only going to visit Santorini or you also want to take advantage to know cities like Athens waves Mykonos islands. To start we will focus on Santorini, so we leave you here the one that for us is the best option to search for flights to Santorini.

Hotels in Santorini

The price of accommodation in Santorini will vary in their quality and services. In fact, you can find guesthouses with shared bathroom from just € 15 per night. There are also good deals if you want a cheap and comfortable trip to Santorini, you can find simple hotel rooms from € 35 per night.

If your budget is somewhat more open or you opt for more amenities, you can actually spend what you are willing per night. You can find from the best hotels in Santorini and five stars that night is around € 600.

Traveling to Santorini: how much money do I need?
Views of a Hotel in Santorini, Greece

How much is eating in Santorini

As before, it is also a detail that will vary depending on what you are willing to spend. There are fast food street stalls where to eat in Santorini it will cost you less than € 4. Breakfast and lunch are also around 3 or 4 euros, so if your trip to Santorini is “low cost” considers book a budget of about € 10 per day to eat.

If you prefer to eat in a restaurant consider that each meal can go for between € 10 and € 25. In that case, you should reserve some € 60 per day budget only for meals. As a curiosity, a coffee will cost you around € 2 and a beer € 2.5.

Restaurant with views of Santorini Greece
Restaurant with views of Santorini Greece

Transport price in Santorini

There are several means of transport to get to know this island of Greece, and the prices are not exorbitant.

  • Quad: The price of the quad is around € 20 a day and is a fun way to explore Santorini.
  • Motorcycle: The motorcycle rental is around € 10 and is a great alternative to enjoy your vacation in Santorini much more.
  • Cab: If car rental is not an option, we can move by taxi. The minimum fee for this transport is € 2.
  • Bus: The bus is one of the cheapest and most accessible since it reaches almost all parts of the island. Its price is around € 2 each way and many use it when traveling to Santorini.

As you see, traveling to Santorini, Greece does not have an exorbitant price. Once you have the plane ticket, the island is not much more expensive than any other European destination.

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