Town in Switzerland offers 72,000 euros to families who want to move there

Town in Switzerland offers 72,000 euros to families who want to move there
Town in Switzerland offers 72,000 euros to families who want to move there

The problem of depopulation is a fact increasingly present in peoples around the world. It is the case of this town in Switzerland, Albinen, He has been looking for foreigners since 2018 who want to move to live there. As a requirement, they offer $72,000. In the case of opting for this great opportunity, it is good to know how much does it cost to travel to Switzerland.

The community continues for more than a year and a half now accepting requests from those who want to move and create a home in the town. Today, the proposal is still open, but it is also true that those interested must meet some requirements to live in one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland.

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This town in Switzerland is looking for residents

It was in 2017 when Albinen rose to fame for being one of those Swiss towns looking for settlers. Local or foreign, it does not matter too much the origin of these as long as some requirements are met and they stay in the town for a prudent time.

Its fame, moreover, was reaped thanks to being one of the towns that they offer a better quality of life. It gives many facilities to get home; offers bonuses for children; And, currently, continues with open arms to welcome anyone who wants a quiet and peaceful life.

Albinen supports to live

Based on what this small Swiss town has to offer, you can get various aids should you wish to buy or build a house on site. Financial subsidies range from 25,000 francs ($ 25,824) per adult to 10,000 francs ($10,329) per child. For a family of four, the subsidy could reach 70,000 francs ($ 72,307) in total.

This proposal was voted after a group of some young people asked that the town fight against the continuous depopulation that it has suffered for several years. So much is the alert that the local school has closed after three families left in the past year. With these helps it is tried to boost population growth and ensure investment for the future.

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How to live in Albinen, this small town in Switzerland

In order to live and qualify for the subsidies offered by the Albinen authorities, you must take into account that you must comply with some basic requirements. However, applying is quite simple so, if you have it clear, it should not have any more complications.

Requirements to move to the village

  • In order to be elected, family members who choose to live here must have under 45 years and commit to living in it for 10 years in a row.
  • The property that is bought or built must be of a value of at least 200,000 francs, this being a permanent house and not a second residence.
  • For those who are foreigners, they must have a swiss permit C valid, this is a permit that ensures that a non-Swiss citizen can work and live without any restrictions.

How to apply to get it

  • You can check, first of all, the official Web from the town and apply from there. He reads everything he says well because the Swiss like things well done.
  • In case you don’t understand the language, you can use any translator. Always keep in mind that you must understand everything well so that there are no mistakes.
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