Toledo: Gastronomy of a city full of flavor


Toledo is one of the Spanish cities with the greatest historical weight.

Its well-deserved fame comes from its architecture, its literature and its art and, in turn, this wealth are due to the coexistence of the various cultures that converged in this important nerve center of Spain.

The merger of medieval traditions, Judaic, Islamic and Christian makes it a unique city worthy of being enjoyed in every way.

The vestiges of this union have transcended all the arts to continue to make the visitor fall in love, who is always surprised to walk – as it should be done, despite the many slopes we encounter – this cultural center.

But in Toledo, another art resides, sometimes less known, and that conquers its followers through the palate. The gastronomy of Toledo It is one of the most appreciated in Spanish cuisine.

Meat: Toledo’s best-kept secret

To start opening your mouth, nothing better than knowing the ingredients that make Toledo’s cuisine famous. And in the first place -and almost in capital letters-, we must talk about meat. Roast suckling pig -also called cochifrito- or the roast lamb They are two of the specialties that we should not miss. Well, although they are traditional dishes, the flavor that this delicious meat gives in Toledo restaurants is different from that of other regions.

Likewise, in the Toledo letters, we find more specialties in which meat is queen. Thus, carcasses are especially recommended, although they are usually served as tapas, they can be a delicious and complete dish for a good lunch.

It is a very tasty stew served on clay pot made with beef, peas, and potatoes. The whole is fried with tomato, bay leaves and a good number of spices that give the dish an irresistible spicy touch and generally accompany it with slices of bread, which in the best restaurants will be freshly made.

Other stews will feature seasonal vegetables, highly recommended will be the roast pepper and eggplant. But the most famous dish made with vegetables is undoubtedly the delicious manchego ratatouille. It is served as a cover, as a starter, as a first course or even as a main course when fried eggs are added.

And it is that, trite as it is, who can resist this simple food? Vilified and judged to be the cause of the increase in cholesterol, today it is known that far from increasing the numbers, the egg is beneficial for everyone. Yet another reason not to give up on this dish!

On the rich hunt!

gastronomy of toledo

But the tastiest meat that will provide the largest number of traditional recipes that the diner will come across will be those that carry as central ingredient game meat.

Even for those who are more reluctant to eat this type of meat, it will be completely impossible for them not to give in to the partridge, which is the best asset that this gastronomy hides. Pickled partridge or partridge a la toledana: both versions are tasty thanks to the fine flavor of this animal.

Within the group of game meat, we can also choose specialties made with hare, rabbit and quail. The latter is usually served in a warm salad accompanied with grenadine and walnuts on a bed of lettuce. Simply perfect …

On the other hand, it will be frequent to find the meat of hare or rabbit stew with rice. This dish is usually intense and strong flavor, highly recommended for those looking for a dish that is far from our usual diet. It will be very easy to find them in any daily menu, at a very affordable price but with unquestionable quality.

Other typical dishes

You cannot despise the Toledo delicacies made with the most humble food: bread. La Manas MigasIdeally served in winter, they are usually one of the most popular dishes. They taste delicious as a tapa or as a single dish.

And speaking of tapas, all Castilla la Mancha It is known for its wines and its cheese production. We are in the country that we are, Manchego cheese occupies a place in all the refrigerators dedicated to gourmet cheeses. Of course, Toledo is the best place to taste it at a very low price.

The same goes for any of their wines, so in this city, you will not have to be afraid to ask for the house wine, always considered inferior. Surely, lovers of good wine are surprised by its quality.

Sweets for a good ending

Desserts are another of the treasures best guarded by the people of Toledo. And although we have been more than satisfied with the offer of culinary specialties, surely we can still make a small -or large- hole for something a little sweeter …

marzipan from toledo

Of course, the presentation is probably to blame, but of all the desserts that we will have at our disposal, we will not be able to say no to your artisan marzipan.

No matter the time we are in, and equally, Christmas will not be necessary as an excuse to “sin” of a sweet tooth, because throughout the year we will find artisan marzipan in each pastry shop and as an accompaniment to the dessert chosen in almost all restaurants. And if we have the opportunity, the puches –Exquisite combination of cinnamon with anise, milk and fried flour- will take us to heaven itself.

Where to eat? : Restaurants of Toledo

The offer of restaurants and taverns is so extensive that any place we choose will be synonymous with success. Even the more hidden and simple restaurant can hide in its small kitchen a delicious stew of rice with hare worthy only of the palate of a king.

Surely it is in the old town where the traveler wants to stop to rest to recover breath and energy. And what better way than to do it with the wonderful gastronomy of Toledo?

About the Cathedral of Toledo, You can find quite crowded places and also on the route that leads to the Jewish quarter are more than notable taverns. Best of all, the options are numerous and for all budgets.

But if you still want to know names, the Meson de la Orza has gained great fame in recent years and it is recommended for holding special events. Attention to your marzipan liquor.

If you want to enter the land of Alonso Quijano, better go to The Don Quixote Fireplace: typical homemade food, made with the best ingredients and careful service. The venison stew, its best asset.

Finally, to cover the La Dehesa Tavern It is one of the most outstanding options. A very traditional way in which Spaniards usually eat without the complicated conventions of the three typical dishes. All cravings will be covered!

With all this, we can only wish you a good meal and a happy journey. Toledo not only conquers for its history. It will be the stomach that will make us return …

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