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Tips for visiting Las Coloradas, the beautiful pink lakes of Mexico

Tips for visiting Las Coloradas, the beautiful pink lakes of Mexico


Tips for visiting Las Coloradas, the beautiful pink lakes of Mexico

Image: Expert Vagabond

Tips for visiting Las Coloradas, the beautiful pink lakes of Mexico

Mexico hides hundreds of paradises, one of them is this striking destination is located on the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, with the name of Las Coloradas this is a magical place full of color.

Its dazzling pink lakes are the biggest attraction of its population. Would you like to know some important things if you are thinking about your visit to this amazing place? Then you have to read the full article!

It is located just 3 hours from Merida, it is a really magical place that is worth visiting and we are going to tell you a little more about this beautiful pink lake… Did you know that this pink effect is due to a large number of salts and bacteria that have water? Amazing!!

Previously it was allowed to bathe in them, take photos and even put inflatables into the lagoon, many tourists have been able to enjoy it. But a few years ago it belongs to a private company and since then it is forbidden to touch the water since a factory transformed the lagoons into salt mines and the salt that is taken out of here is commercialized.

However they reached an agreement and boat tours are offered to visit them and admire their beauty, you can not touch the water because they avoid contaminating it, and if they get to touch it and some superior sees them, they can sanction the guide in charge by suspending they’re I work for days, we don’t want to harm anyone or that, so let’s try to follow the steps if we do this excursion.

This area is home to many species of animals, highlights the amount of beautiful and pink Flamingos, which if it is season on the tour they hire they may be taken to see them, these animals are usually passing through so that you can see On many dates throughout the year, however, the best times to see them are in April, May, and June, where up to 50 thousand copies come together in this region.

It is undoubtedly a place to take incredible photos, with pink tones and beautiful mirages. A landscape that attracts many tourists and that we recommend we go in season of the salt mines, as there are times in the year that take away the salt to market it. 

The best time to go is in March and between July and August, in order to observe this phenomenon. If you decide to go in other months it is likely that instead of being surprised by the pink water, you will be disappointed since in other months the Water is a greenish color. 


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