Tips for planning and surviving a long trip with children

Tips for planning and surviving a long trip with children

Having children is opening a new window full of endless possibilities and new experiences. The first word or the first step is unforgettable, but what about the first trip?

The first time a child leaves home to spend a few days with the family can be an event for parents. What to pack? What to do with the food? Should I let the routine skip? 

For all those who are going to embark on a long trip with children, regardless of their age, we have compiled a few basic tips that can help everything go well:

Study fate a little

Although it depends on the destination you are going to, it is important that you investigate before leaving home if children need some kind of special care. 

For example, to travel to some countries it is advisable to vaccinate minors and in others, it is not allowed to breastfeed in public. Knowing this data is essential for everything to go on wheels.

Plan the trip

Planning is everything on long trips with children. A famous psychologist says that before starting a trip it is vital to explain to the little ones “what are we going to do and what do we expect from them”

They must be informed of the duration of the journey, and if it can be, whether or not stops will be made and when they are planned. This way children will know what to expect and will not despair so soon.

Do not improvise with meals

When traveling, many parents worry about why their children will eat during the trip as well as when they arrive at the destination. For travel hours a good idea is to carry bags with prepared fruit or nuts

A trick is to leave with the portions already prepared so that the smallest ones are prevented from bingeing on something that should be a snack. As the main course, a good option is to prepare battered chicken, since this food does not need refrigeration and can be eaten without heating or a pasta salad.

What should not be done during a trip is to abuse sugar. So that the little ones are not disturbed it is better to avoid the intake of powerful stimulants such as the one that can provide them with the sugar of some cookies or goodies that will give them the energy that they cannot use.

Once at the destination, if you want to try to avoid changing your diet, an option is to make the purchase looking for the most similar products to those that are usually purchased. In fact, even if you travel abroad many brands of children’s food that sell their products also do so in the rest of your region, so finding exactly the same is quite likely.

It will also be advisable, if excursions are made, to carry by hand a bag with healthy ‘snacks’ in case the little one or the little one is hungry. Fruit and nuts are perfect for this purpose.

Not obsess with hygiene

It is normal for parents to worry about the hygiene of their children as well as the care of their skin or hair. 

However, although we must not abandon the hygienic aspect, trying not to forget to include in the luggage towels, wipes and creams that are necessary, we must not obsess and take the bathroom at home. Choosing what is essential will be essential to enjoy more space in the suitcase and more free time at the destination.

Keep up the routine

Another recommendation is, as far as possible and without obsessing, maintain the routine of the little ones. Ensuring that the hours of sleep are adequate and maintaining a more or less fixed meal schedule can greatly improve the family travel experience.

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