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The Czech Guardian of the flooded village

Vír Reservoir in the Czech Republic


The Czech Guardian of the flooded village

The Czech Guardian of the flooded village

The Czech Guardian of the flooded village

The trees are the silent witnesses of history, in its bark they have written the passage of time: droughts, floods, plagues, volcanoes… information of great interest and wealth, that is why it is necessary to preserve them, to protect the environment and take care of the life of future generations.

In order to highlight the importance of trees in the natural and cultural heritage of Europe, and the importance in the global ecosystem was born the European Tree of the Year competition a decade ago. 16 countries participate and those are sought exemplary with whom the persons establish special effective relationships, and that is emblematic for the community local. Centennial trees that are part of the history of the place and that are rooted in the life and work of the people who live in its surroundings.

The winner

This year, of the 14 candidates that have come forward, the winner has been a Scots pine called the Guardian of the flooded village, in the Czech Republic, with 47,226 votes. The silver medal goes to Croatia, where Daruvar’s gingko It obtained 28,060 votes, very close to third place, in the Russian town of Kalmykia, lies the lone poplar with 27,411 votes.

Vír Reservoir in the Czech Republic

Vír Reservoir in the Czech Republic

The 350-year-old pine it grows on a sharp rock that dominates the Svratka river within the Vir reservoir located in the beautiful Vysočina valley, crossed by rivers. His story refers to town flooded in the 1950s of Chudobín, which ceased to exist due to the construction of a dam. According to a legend narrated by the locals, the devil sits under the tree to play the violin in a discordant way, although the strong winds that blow over the valley are most likely heard. This pine is not only an important landmark, but also an impressive testament to its high resistance to climate change and human impact.

Species: Scots pine

Age: 350 years

Region: Chudobín, Vysocina, Czech Republic

You can complement the excursion with a visit to the ruins of three castles located near Vír: Pyšolec, Aueršperk to Zubštejn

Ruined castle Zubštejn, Czech Republic

Ruined castle Zubštejn, Czech Republic (Spalletti via Wikimedia Commons)


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