The best of the Emerald Coast, Sardinia

Sardinian Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast on the Italian island of Sardinia It is one of the best known Mediterranean destinations, thanks to its beautiful beaches and the agglomeration of characters from the jet set that frequent it.

So in any corner, one can meet celebrities from all over the world or know the private villas (from the outside, obviously) of footballers, movie stars, aristocratic characters or billionaires.

One of the best things to do on the Emerald Coast is to do a road trip through some of the most beautiful places in Sardinia, like San Pantaleo or Santa Teresa di Garulla, without neglecting the small -and hidden- coves and beaches more beautiful than we have seen in a long time.

Located to the east of the island, its beautiful and spectacular coastline impresses with its places where you can lose your sight. Waters that change color and gradation, playing with the blue and emerald green that gives it its name, Typical Mediterranean thickets and granite rocks that create impressive reliefs are the attractions of this unique landscape.

emerald coast beaches in sardiniaLa Isla di Spargi, in the archipelago of La Maddalena

The North of the Emerald Coast

Witness to the Aragonese presence on the island, the 16th-century Longosardo tower rises in the small citadel of Santa Teresa Gallura, at the northernmost tip of the coast. Adjacent to the tower, the beautiful beach of Rena Bianca. In front, we find Monica Island.

Following the coast, you reach the Capo Testa, which is undoubtedly worth knowing. From there you can enjoy an exceptional view of the Coba Bay and Santa Reparata. But their main treasure is in their caves from which the stone destined for the columns of the Roman Pantheon was extracted.

sardinian beaches on the emerald coastBeach in La Maddalena National Park

La Maddalena archipelago, beaches to dream about

A national park since 1994, this archipelago of the Emerald Coast Located in the Bonifacio Strait, it is made up of seven islands: La Maddalena, Caprera, Spargi, San Stefano, Budelli, Razzioli, and Santa María, in addition to a series of islets that together make up some 12,000 hectares.

Except for the first three, the rest are uninhabited and treasure a splendid set of flora and fauna. Its excellent underwater bottom constitutes a claim for divers who come from anywhere on the planet to know the magnificent cetacean colony and the spectacular underground granite formations.

Many travelers choose to take day trips to discover its charms. Therefore, in summer the incredible white sand coves of Caprera and Spargi tourists overflow. It is essential to know Budelli and its pinkish beaches and the figures sculpted by the wind in the rock in Razzoli.

You can also visit some museums and granite mines. The island of La Maddalena is connected by ferries with Palau and Porto Rafael. Another option is to hire boat visits to reach the most beautiful and inaccessible corners of the archipelago. Knowing him you can understand why Garibaldi chose him to spend his last years.

porto cervo costa emeraldaPorto Cervo, meeting place of the jet-set in Sardinia

The chicest Costa Smeralda

The largest city on the Emerald Coast is Olbia. It is the nerve center of the great personalities who come to the island, largely due to its airport, which curiously also operates low-cost companies. However, the most monopolizing populations the attention of the international jet set are Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, both built during the sixties.

Despite trying to preserve its old town character, Porto Cervo cannot help but have become a worldly center where the most select clubs congregate and where the lively Sardinian night lives its most brilliant splendor. Its famous Yacht Club is an exclusive port where great yachts rival each other in glamor. The most hectic area is concentrated around Porto Vecchio, where you can go hunting for great brands and exclusive designs.

Along a route full of beautiful beaches, sumptuous villas and golf courses you reach Porto Rotondo, one of the reference centers of the island’s nightlife.

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