The 10 best Christmas markets in Europe

The 10 best Christmas markets in Europe

Christmas in Europe feels different and special. There are few cities that have Christmas markets and that delight both large and small. If you are going to travel to the Old Continent at this time of the year, a recommendation is to create a road map to visit various spots in Europe, because in each country the Christmas spirit is lived differently. If you are thinking of enjoying different parties this December, discover the 10 best Christmas markets in Europe.

1. Colmar, France

The Alsace region occupies the northeast of the country. Among all the Christmas markets that we can find in France, that of Colmar stands out as one of the best known. And not only in the country, but it has also become so famous, that it already has a well-deserved position in the lists of the most beautiful Christmas markets in all of Europe. Colmar has a curiosity that makes it a special city, to the west with Germany, there are few German customs that have inherited its inhabitants, these are even more abundant than Latin.

Colmar is one of the Christmas cities that is most worth visiting. In addition, it is one of the most charming villages in France and that transports us to those stories we read as children. You will not be able to resist the smells and flavors of the Christmas market in Colmar. Its half-timbered houses, which already attract attention by themselves, are decorated with colored lights to shelter the beautiful market that makes its way to its feet. Without a doubt, the perfect place to enjoy the mulled wine and other delights of the area in the street.

2. Zagreb, Croatia

Traveling to Croatia at Christmas is one of those things you should do at least once in your life. The Zagreb Christmas market stands out for being one of the most recognized, becoming one of the best Christmas markets, receiving even an award that accredits it for three consecutive years. Although we normally connect the country with long beaches and very marked coastal tourism, we cannot forget the city in winter.

Zagreb is a capital that stands out for maintaining a very strong European center style. This makes Christmas markets one of their best-kept treasures and that they are enjoyed to the fullest. This holiday season is where we will find a greater number of tourists, which has made its Christmas market become one of the most important in Europe. As a curiosity, we must bear in mind that it is not just one, but we can find a market in each tourist spot in the city.

3. Nuremberg, Germany

If we talk about the most beautiful cities in Germany at Christmas, Nuremberg should be at the top of the list. Its most important Christmas market is the one located in Market Square. As a curiosity, everything is so beautiful and every detail is taken care of perfectly, as there are prizes for the best wooden stalls. This makes it one of the most careful Christmas markets in Europe and that receives more visitors each year.

There are a few things that we can find in this particular market. Do you feel like trying the real gingerbread? Do you prefer to buy handmade toys or various pieces of decoration for this Christmas? Everything and more is what you can find among its alleyways. When you finish taking the walk through the whole network of bungalows, do not forget to stop and taste the delicious German sausages that you can find in many stalls, bathing them with a comforting hot wine. You will want to come back!

4. Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano is an alpine town in Italy that has a marked Christmas tradition. If we talk about the best Christmas markets in Europe, there is no doubt that this Italian town must be present on the list. This romantic medieval settlement already attracts attention by itself. However, if we add to its natural charm how it is decorated when Christmas approaches, we will achieve an explosive result.

Two markets are those that meet in this town every Christmas. One is the largest, the other is the oldest. That is, both stand out equally. Although enjoying a beautiful snowy Christmas is a strange thing in the Italian country, thanks to its Alpine characteristic, Bolzano is one of those villages where we can enjoy the beautiful snowy peaks while we impregnate the best Christmas spirit. One of the cities to visit in Europe this Christmas to enjoy something different.

5. Strasbourg, France

If we talk about a Christmas city par excellence in Europe that is Strasbourg. Strasbourg has a Christmas market that stands out above the rest and where you can breathe an atmosphere full of romanticism. The entire city turns over during the last month of the year to welcome and unite through its narrow streets full of charm an impressive Christmas market that extends throughout the center, delighting visitors and locals alike.

One of the things you should do yes or yes if you visit the Christmas market in Strasbourg is to try their delicious mulled wine. It will help you get warm and, if you taste it in the enclave of the old square, it will automatically transport you to another older time. We can not forget the delicious crêpes, which here we can taste both sweet and savory and accompanied by other rich products such as jam or fresh fruits.

6. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm at Christmas is a city that develops and acquires a special charm. The city of Stockholm in December gives its best, especially in the old part of the capital. The streets decorated with hundreds of lights, the Christmas spirit, the garlands that crown the establishments, etc. they confer a romanticism difficult to match at other times of the year.

The one in the capital of Sweden is one of the Christmas markets in Europe that stand out most thanks to its already extensive experience since it has been active since 1914. Here we can find all kinds of Christmas ornaments, as well as various wooden toys made to hand and endless events and attractions with which to live to the fullest one of the most important parties in the Old Continent. Its marked Christmas spirit, its traditions, and its romanticism make Stockholm one of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe.

7. Tallinn, Estonia

One of the things you should keep in mind if you are going to travel to Tallinn at Christmas is that, after living the first-person experience, you will most likely want to repeat at any other time in your life. If the city already has a special charm throughout the year, it is at Christmas time where it makes a display of all that capacity to capture the attention of visitors and locals that knows how to take advantage of it.

This Christmas market is installed in the city of Tallinn approximately one month before the holidays so that anyone who is here can enjoy it or come expressly to admire it. Christmas sweets stand out in the stalls. However, surely what he manages to fall in love with, especially the little onesis the small zoo that rides in it. Here we can enjoy reindeer and geese and the occasional animal. In addition, we will also have fun thanks to the various dances and performances. Without a doubt, a different Christmas that you will not forget.

8. London, England

If we make a list, London is also one of those cities that is worth visiting at Christmas. It is true that the English capital deserves a visit at any time of the year, but in December it is when it is more beautiful thanks to the decorations, lights and all the Christmas charm. London has the most impressive Christmas markets in Europe. The most advisable thing is to visit the Winter Wonderland, but in the city, you can find many more since the month of November.

In Trafalgar Square, we can enjoy the fir that the Norwegians give each year to the English people as thanks for their participation in World War II. There are few streets that are closed to traffic on these dates to house the various markets that meet in the center of the capital. To enjoy all the charms of these markets, the idea is to make a route highlighting the most important tourist points of the city.

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen at Christmas has that “I don’t know what” that fills it with charm. It already stands out for being one of the happiest cities in the world. Therefore, when the Christmas spirit reaches its streets we cannot imagine anything better. In addition to the fact that its Christmas markets are among the most important in Europe, we cannot forget that this time of year is ideal for visiting one of the European cities that receives more tourists every year.

In addition to the spectacular Tivoli Amusement Park, the stores also want to take advantage of and capture the attention of visitors and locals by putting in their shop windows a succulent and elegant Christmas decoration. Buy, eat, rest. All this and much more we can do at this time of year if we get lost between the streets of the city. Lights, garlands and endless Christmas decorations will welcome us in each of the parts of Copenhagen inviting us to celebrate with the Danes one of their favorite times.

10. Zurich, Switzerland

If we talk about spending a Christmas in Switzerland we cannot prevent the mind from evoking how beautiful the city of Zurich is at Christmas. There are different Christmas markets that are distributed throughout the city center, so it is good to take a guide to not miss anything. In the train station and in front of the Opera building is where we find Rapperswil-Jona, one of the largest. Here we can get lost, try different types of food and, of course, buy any of the things we find and get our attention.

Those in Zurich are one of the most important Christmas markets in Switzerland, which makes it worthwhile to enjoy every step you take in the city. If you have finished your purchases at the Opera Market, you can finish a beautiful day full of meaning ice skating on the track that is right next door. Undoubtedly, a different way to enjoy Christmas that stands out above other European corners and not only for the markets, because there are other related attractions in the city such as the Santa Claus train. Do we go for a walk?

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