The 10 best beaches in Portugal

The 10 best beaches in Portugal

Portugal is a country famous for many things. Among them, along the Portuguese coast that houses beautiful beaches full of charm. There are few travelers who decide to stop at one of the best beaches in Portugal, with the aim of disconnecting and relaxing.

If you want to include them in your next trip, in Illusion Traveler we have prepared a list of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Portugal. One for each type of traveler!

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1. Falésia Beach, in Albufeira

The cliffs of this corner of Albufeira especially attract attention. We can enjoy spectacular beauty thanks to the creamy tones of the sand contained in Falesia beach, one of the best beaches in Europe and southern Portugal.

Its crystalline waters and the relaxed atmosphere to disconnect stand out. In addition, it has an ideal climate if your goal is to take quiet walks along the shore while the sea rubs your feet. Both in summer and winter, it is certainly a destination on the Portuguese coast that you can enjoy to the fullest.

2. Praia Da Rocha, in Portimão

If you are that type of cosmopolitan traveler and who always likes to try something new, without a doubt the Da Rocha beach is your ideal place. Here you can enjoy a beautiful stretch of fine sand and a beautiful golden color that, with its more than a kilometer in length, is the best in Portugal.

Its promenade offers, among other things, easy access to baby strollers and people with reduced mobility. This makes it an excellent family beach and one of the best beaches to see in southern Portugal.

3. Praia do Camilo, in Lagos

The quiet city of Lagos, in Algarve, keeps at one of its ends an authentic jewel of the Portuguese coastThis is Playa do Camilo, a corner considered one of the best beaches in Portugal. It is located between cliffs and is a delight for the senses.

The beach must be accessed through a staircase that has 200 steps. These are not entirely recommended for people with reduced mobility. It is a hidden beach paradise for those adventurous and romantic who do not want to miss anything. Its waters are crystal clear and cold, but its friendly turquoise colors will invite you to enjoy them through a bath or diving on your trip to Portugal.

4. Praia da Ursa, in Sintra

If we talk about beautiful and imposing cliffs in Portugal, we cannot forget the impressive Da Ursa beach, located in Sintra. Looking at one of its cliffs will make you feel really small, but it is also a sight to see how the waves break. You must be a full-fledged adventurer to dare to the waves of this beach, one of the most intense on the coast of Portugal.

At the southern end, you can see the huge limestone pinnacles that create one of the most spectacular attractions to see in Sintra. In addition, from the north, you can see “the stone bear”, the protagonist of the most famous legend of the place. A wild corner where you can put your heart to a thousand revolutions and get to know one of the best beaches in Portugal.

5. Praia da Marinha, in Caramujeira

Among beautiful cliffs and bathed by crystalline waters we find one of the best beaches in Algarve. This is Marinha Beach, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal and throughout Europe.

We will find it in Carvoeiro, a picturesque fishing and fishing village located in the Algarve region. This corner is ideal to spend a fun family day. You can also enjoy sports such as snorkeling, thanks to its fabulous marine fauna. In addition, if you are eating on the beach you must go well prepared, it only has a small bar. Ideal to escape a few days from the real world and enjoy one of the best places in Algarve.

6. Praia da Nazaré, in Nazaré

Nazaré is located halfway between the most famous cities in Portugal: Lisbon and Porto. This is a beautiful little town with a fishing tradition that has now also become one of the most tourist areas in Portugal.

This is so thanks to its spectacular beach, named by many as the best beach in Portugal for surfing. Playa de Nazaré has achieved great international fame because there are the largest waves in the world. There are professional athletes, such as the American Garret McNamara, who have managed to surf a 30-meter high wave. Really impressive!

7. Praia Da Amoreira, in Aljezur

This beautiful beach is found at the mouth of the Ribeira de Aljezur, south of Portugal. Therefore, we are facing a lagoon system that has an undeniable and unique natural beauty. The contrast between the big rocks and the fine sand, bathed by those exquisite crystal waters, form one of the best beaches in Portugal.

Before reaching the beach of Amoreira we will have to circumvent an extensive field full of dunes. At the same time, it evolves in a swampy habitat where we can admire the otters, the gray heron or nice birds like the kingfisher. If there is low tide, the lagoons that form in the sand, leave one of the best beach areas in the country to enjoy with children.

8. Ribeira do Cavalo, in Sesimbra

If we talk about the well-kept secrets of the Portuguese coast, we cannot leave behind one of the best-hidden jewels of the entire coastline. It is the beach of Ribeira do Cavalo, one of the best places to go to PortugalIt is quite difficult to access this beautiful corner on foot, which is why its privacy and protection.

It belongs to Sesimbra, and you will have to travel for 45 minutes by car until you reach a piece of land where everyone leaves the vehicle. Then, you must walk through a path that has been marked with the passage of time thanks to the rest of the travelers. However, be careful and be very careful not to get lost. It is worth doing this long road to one of the paradisiacal beaches to see in Portugal.

9. Praia do Guincho, in Cascais

If we talk about wild beaches, extensive and difficult to tame, here we have the beautiful Do Guincho beach. Here you will find an ideal wind if you are a lover of the most extreme kitesurfing. Located just 6 kilometers from Cascais, it is certainly a perfect corner for a holiday in Portugal.

It is located on the road to Sintra, so you can see two wonderful beaches on your tour. In addition, there is a campsite quite close. Here you will find a special environment for young people and sportsmen. This beach, which you have to visit to admire, is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Portugal for extreme sports and it is worth visiting.

10. Praia dos Tres Irmaos, in Portimão

The huge and rocky mountains hidden between the hills of the Algarve amaze any traveler who falls there. This, among other things, is the main feature of Tres Irmaos beach, in Portugal. Its name is due to three large stones similar to three fishing brothers who were petrified on a cold stormy night.

It is an exotic destination, different, and that undoubtedly has a good title to be within the majority of rankings of the best beaches in Algarve. To access this corner you must go along the road that connects Portimão with Alvor from Da Rocha beach. It is also accessed through the stairs of the Hotel Pestana Alvor, where you can also taste an exquisite meal in the Canico restaurant.

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