The 10 best beaches in Mexico

The 10 best beaches in Mexico

It is not for less that you are thinking of escaping to know the best beaches in Mexico. With lands that deserve the name of paradise, it will be that perfect country to disconnect, relax and enjoy to the fullest.

Seeing these ten paradises you will understand how difficult it is to make a selection of beaches in Mexico. However, we have achieved it and you can prepare your travel itinerary in the best possible way. You can make the most of these beach destinations in Mexico!

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10. Playa la Ropa, in Zihuatanejo

There are names of Mexican beaches that attract attention and this is one of them. Clothing is related to an anecdote that dates back to colonial times. It is said that at that time, a boat loaded with cloth, sank off the coast and all the cargo reached this Mexican corner.

It is a perfect destination to practice water skiing, windsurfing and sailing. In addition, it has an excellent range of services and hotels, becoming one of the most recommended places to meet in Mexico. It should be noted that it is one of the best beaches in Mexico where to practice swimming as well as endless water sports.

9. Paradise Beach, in Tulum

Little has to be said about a corner with this name. With the name of Paradise, it is undoubtedly that it must be one of the best beaches in Mexico. All Mexican surveys grant him the title as the most spectacular beach in Mexico.

The stage is a layer of fine white sand washed by exquisite and calm clean waters of strong turquoise color. Those who visit it affirm that it is the closest thing to a natural spa. Without a doubt, a dream landscape in which, in addition, you can enjoy an exquisite cuisine of the area. Reasons we do not lack to escape.

8. Chileno Beach, in Cabo San Lucas

This beautiful bay is located in Los Cabos. In El Chileno beach there are various tourist and family destinations such as Cabo San Lucas or Santa Marí Bay a. It is a place to find excellent hotels that have all the services to feel in paradise.

Its environment attracts the attention of the most curious. Therefore, it has become one of the best beaches in Mexico to visit. It has abundant palm trees, so you will always find a shadowed corner. The destination is ideal to contemplate the romantic sunsets and other economic places to travel in Mexico.

7. Bacocho Beach, in Puerto Escondido

Bacocho beach is one of the largest on the entire coast of Oaxaca. As a precaution, be careful when enjoying its waters since the waves can be quite intense and form currents that we must take into account. There are many beaches in southern Mexico, but this is one of the most chosen by travelers.

This corner is divided into three sections, for all those who wish to enjoy it in different ways. One of them is the part of the stony ground; another part of huge palm trees; and another of dense Caribbean flora that will not disappoint nature lovers. Undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the Mexican Pacific, which has a width that ranges from 30 to 70 meters.

6. El Cielo Beach, in Cozumel

La Playa El Cielo is one of those destinations beaches in Mexico mandatory. It is a sandbar that is located about 800 meters from Cozumel Island. Here you can swim calmly and practice sports such as snorkeling, something advisable to see a large number of starfish on its seabed.

Currently, it is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and all those travelers who have visited the island confirm it. Crystal clear waters, white sands, and all this landscape will transport you as soon as you see it, as its name implies, to the sky itself. If you wonder what are the best beaches in Mexico with a Caribbean atmosphere, you should know that this is one of them.

5. Nuevo Vallarta Beach, in Nayarit

If you are passionate about water and outdoor sports, Nuevo Vallarta Beach is your ideal destination. Here you can enjoy endless activities such as football or volleyball; train surfing or kayaking, and run everything you want. On its extensive shore, you will have more than enough space.

It has become one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico and all of Nayarit due to its excellent services, which enjoy great quality. You can relax by renting your own space with a hammock and park your vehicle for little money nearby. The beach has surveillance, and it is also one of the cheap places to visit in Mexico.

4. Maya Chan Beach, in Mahahual

On the Costa Maya of Mexico, we find Maya Chan Beach, an ideal beach to enjoy a natural paradise that will not leave you indifferent. It is the ideal place to relax while you refresh yourself with a drink on its shore.

It is one of those beautiful and cheap beaches in Mexico that also has several activities that will not give you time to get bored, such as kayaking or snorkeling. It has little sand and its water is very warm. It makes it the ideal place to escape on a romantic honeymoon with your partner to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

3. Delfines Beach, in Cancun

Undoubtedly, on trip to Cancun, we found one of the best beaches in Mexico. Those who reach the Playa Delfines claim that its waters are so intensely blue that they impress when you first glimpse them.

It has 30 kilometers of coastline, nothing more and nothing less. You can also enjoy an excellent viewpoint from which you can observe this wonderful beach in all its extension.

It is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean for family vacations, as you will find several free services to share with your loved ones. It is also suitable for those who love exercise, being able to enjoy an excellent outdoor gym.

2. Balandra Beach, in La Paz

Balandra Beach ranks as one of the best beaches in Los Cabos. And not only that, but it also stands as one of the paradisiacal beaches of Mexico. Located in the province of Baja California, it is ideal to relax with a drink in your hand and enjoy how time stands still.

Upon arrival, the first thing that will catch your attention will be the huge body of turquoise water, famous throughout the country. The beach is shallow and you can enjoy a quiet day in which to walk, run and squeeze it to the fullest. It is ideal to escape the city and marvel at its exquisite natural landscapes. Without a doubt, another beach in Mexico that you should keep in mind.

1. North Beach, in Isla Mujeres

It is considered by many travelers as one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. Although it is too difficult to grant that qualification to only one of them, Playa Norte has an exquisite natural beauty practically impossible to match. It is one of the widest beaches in the country, with about 100 meters between the water and the beginning of the vegetation.

This was the first point reached by the first Spanish conquerors in Mexican territory back in the 16th century. Located on Isla Mujeres, it is located right in the protected part of the open sea. It should be noted that it is one of the best beaches with white sand in Mexico.

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