The 10 best beaches in Italy

The 10 best beaches in Italy

We all know or have we ever heard of some of the most important cities in Italy, but what about the Italian coast? The best beaches in Italy are a treasure that few take advantage of when visiting the country. They seem much less known, but not because they lack beauty.

If you are preparing a route through Italy, you cannot avoid adding any of these 10 beautiful and charming beaches to your itinerary. You’ll be surprised!

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1. Isola dei Conigli, in Sicily

Translated as the Island of the Rabbits, it becomes one of the best beaches in Italy due to the huge number of species that inhabit it, such as the loggerhead turtle, a protected species that use this corner as a nest to lay its eggs.

It is located on the southeast coast of Lampedusa Island and, in addition to wildlife, it is also the ideal destination for tourists and those driving enthusiasts who want to enjoy its beautiful crystal clear waters. This island is part of a nature reserve, where the undeniable beauty of its coast and the seabed is preserved.

A tip to enjoy this natural corner to the fullest is to arrive early in the morning, since throughout the day it is full of bathers and the tranquility may not be entirely ideal. You must be clear that you will be visiting one of the best islands in Italy.

2. Spiaggia di Cala Rossa, in Sicily

If we talk about wild landscapes, in Sicily we find one of the best beaches in Italy that have this feature. This is Cala Rossa, located south of Favignana Island.

According to the legend of the place, the name of Rossa (Red in Italian) is due to the blood that was shed when the Carthaginians were defeated by the Romans in the First Punic War. But it has been revealed that it is not true. The color of the water is because the rocky coast of the beach is reddish, so it makes a great contrast that is reflected in the crystal clear water.

This corner is also part of the nature reserve of the Aegadian Islands and is another of the best beaches in Sicily. All this makes it one of the different places where you can enjoy an unusual day on the coast of Italy.

3. Tropea Beach, in Calabria

One of the prettiest and best-preserved old towns in southern Italy is found in Tropea. In addition to being one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it also stands out thanks to its excellent crystalline sea seasoned with extensive beaches of fine white sand.

Tropea is a place to do many activities, from walking through the charming little streets, visiting monuments with history such as its churches, to tasting their delicious ice cream or tasting some local delicacy in one of its many restaurants.

It has become one of the most precious corners of the Italian coast, and from there you can see the most important points of the Calabria region. L’Affacio, from where to enjoy the temple of Santa Maria dell’Isola; and Piazza Cannone, from which to access the beach.

4. Cala Mariolu, in Baunei

The coves are those corners where any traveler in love with tranquility enjoys it to the fullest. And this is just what happens in Cala Mariolu, converted, for this reason, into one of the best beaches in Sardinia.

It has the distinction that, under its exquisite crystalline waters, we find an extensive carpet formed by stones and rocks that take us to a tropical paradise. Its name probably derives from the fact that some monk seals that stole fishing from fishermen gathered here in the past.

The beach, an impressive place, is one of the jewels of the Gulf of Orosei. We will find shallow water, fine sand, and beautiful pink stones. It is certainly one of the destinations preferred by travelers for a summer in Italy.

5. Baia del Silenzio, in Sestri Levante

This beautiful beach has an important feature. It is located east of a pedestrian street in the old town of Sestri Levante. The beautiful little houses arrive right on the seashore, which gives it an important beauty and makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

Beautiful, picturesque, romantic … All of them are qualifying with which anyone who approaches this hidden treasure of Sestri Levante, refers to this beach on the Ligurian coast. The region lies between Genoa and La Spezia, which doubles its charm even more.

For some time now, Cinque Terre and Portofino have become the tourist places of Italy par excellence. Sestri Levante, meanwhile, is now changing and becoming preferred by Italian travelers.

6. Cala Goloritze, in Baunei

About 9 kilometers from the municipality of Baunei, in Sardinia, we find another of the best beaches in Sardinia. To access Cala Goloritze, the ideal is to arrive through the boats that sail from the ports of Santa Maria Navarrese, Cala Gonone or that of Arbatax.

Although it is not one of the cheap beaches in Italy, this does not mean that it is not worth a visit. Its price rises due to the boat trip, but there are always other options. You can go through the El Porteddu land path, which deviates from a neighboring cove, Cala Luna.

It is worth admiring the tranquility of this paradisiacal and romantic corner. The best of Italy for travelers who wish to enjoy their honeymoon or a true day of peace and tranquility. Cala Goloritze is one of the most spectacular beach landscapes to see in Italy.

7. Spiaggia di Cala Coticcio, in La Maddalena

Pink and red cliffs, fine white sand and a turquoise sea. With this definition, Cala Coticcio becomes one of the best beaches in Italy. It is an ideal corner to admire the extensive marine area, which has impressive rock bottoms.

To access it, the idea is to leave your vehicle parked aside and take the dirt road on foot. Be careful because it is a sloping path that develops through some rocks. On the last part of the road, you will have reached the bright sea where you can enjoy your vacation in Italy.

This cove is found in the eastern part of the island of Caprera. If we move towards the island, we can also visit the residence of the Garibaldi, a place they used as a refuge in their last 26 years of life.

8. Cala Sinzias, in Sardinia

In this cove, we can admire dense Mediterranean vegetation. Eucalyptus forests, impressive mountains, and a spectacular turquoise horizon. The sea has extensive emerald waters, in fact, it has earned the title as one of the most crystalline beaches of Sardinia.

This beach is ideal to go alone, but also for a holiday with children in Italy. Its fine white sand will delight all those who wish to play on the Italian coast. Not surprisingly, it has become one of the most tourist places in the region.

Highlights the light colors, the dazzling reflections of its waters and the thick vegetation of its forests. At the foot of the village, you can enjoy the park of the Seven Brothers, where you will find oaks and wild animals such as deer or wild boar.

9. Spiaggia Su Giudeu, in Sardinia

Spiaggia di Su Giudeu is located southeast of the island of Sardinia. It is a long and wide beach that has earned the title as one of the best beaches in Italy. Here we can be dazzled by its fine and light sand, but also with its spectacular crystal clear waters of turquoise reflections.

This beautiful beach is framed by dunes and has a saltwater lagoon. In addition, it offers several services such as elegant beach bars and a wide range of water sports such as jetski, banana boat or flyboard.

It is one of the best places in Italy with a beach for those who wish to practice some water sports as well as for families with children. Both large and small you can enjoy the delights of this Italian corner due to its safety and tranquility.

10. Spiaggia Della Marinella, in Palinuro

A beach where peace and tranquility are served. Spiaggia Della Marinella represents everything that comes to mind when talking about paradisiacal beaches. Ideal to visit it by boat and live an impressive double experience.

In addition to sand, on its coast, we can also find pebbles. Special care should be taken on the rocks, they are very sharp and could cause an accident. However, it is a perfect beach for a holiday with children in Italy.

In the area, there are bars where you can taste some delicacies from the region or a good coffee after lunch. There is also music to delight the ears. In general, here you can have a wonderful experience with both adults and children.

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