The 10 best beaches in Colombia

The 10 best beaches in Colombia

Colombia is that country to go to when you want to disconnect and enjoy the picturesque beauty of its streets, the friendliness of its people, always ready to help and, of course, relax on one of the best beaches in Colombia.

We relate this destiny with color, joy, and life. Nothing better than squeezing it to the maximum lying on the sand or taking a bath in its crystalline waters. 

To think about the summer, we have prepared a list of the most chosen beaches by Colombia, so that your trip is perfect. Discover them!

1. Playa Blanca, in Cartagena

The Playa Blanca, besides being one of the best Colombian beaches, is the most famous on Barú Island. It is a beach crowded by countless tourists and travelers who arrive to enjoy the charms of this heavenly corner.

It might not be a pleasant place for those looking for quiet beaches in Colombia, due to the massive tourism it receives. However, it is a destination that must be visited for sure, if you are a lover of paradisiacal beaches.

The beauty of Playa Blanca is captivating, thanks to its calm turquoise waters and exquisite white sand. In addition, it is very close to Cartagena and has the attractiveness of nature, being surrounded by coconut trees and mangroves.

2. San Bernardo Archipelago, in Bolívar

This archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea immerses us in the benefits of authentic paradise. It is two hours sailing from the well-known Cartagena de Indias and is made up of ten dream islands that are part of the Corales del Rosario National Park. If you wonder what to visit in Colombia, this is one of the places that can not be missed.

Here we find islands as well known as Isla Boquerón, Isla Palma, Isla Cabruna, Isla Maravilla or Santa Cruz del Islote. Through them, beaches of Colombia extend that count on endless services so that the traveler feels an exquisite treatment. Among them, stand out the picturesque restaurants on the beach and several options to stay.

3. San Andres Island, in San Andrés and Providencia

San Andres Island was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Here we find a beautiful landscape formed by mangroves, coral reefs, exquisite palm trees, and beautiful sea meadows. Of the Colombian Islands, it is currently the favorite of travelers.

The waters of different shades, ranging from deep blue to green through the light blue or turquoise, gives the origin of the nickname “Sea of ​​the Seven Colors”. Bahía Sardina is one of the best beaches in San Andrés, an urban beach where a large part of the tourist services in the area can be found.

4. Beaches of Tayrona National Park, in Magdalena

Tayrona Park is located near Santa Marta and is a reserve where we find spectacular landscapes, from the Sierra Nevada to the marine areas of the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some of the most spectacular beaches in Colombia.

Among all of them, Playa La Piscina could be highlighted, one of the safest beaches in Tayrona Park. Here we find coral reefs, large rocks, and areas of jungle that are integrated up to the beachIts waters are so crystal clear that they allow you to see corals and fish just without having to have any special equipment for it.

Keep in mind that in Tayrona National Park we can find dangerous beaches for swimming, so it is convenient to be well informed or consult with the staff of the area.

5. Crystal Beach, in Santa Marta

Crystal Beach is also found in the Tayrona National Natural Park, located in Santa Marta. It also stands as one of the beaches of Colombia preferred by tourists in recent years. This is due to its beauty, its crystalline waters, the tranquility that is perceived in it and, of course, the white and warm sands that make it a paradise on earth.

Here you can swim, sunbathe or just relax and rest in its soft sand. If you have time, you can go kayaking, diving or snorkeling. In fact, even if you don’t have the necessary equipment you can rent it once there. The key is to have fun, alone, with friends, or family. If you are on vacation in Colombia, Playa Cristal is a must-see.

6. Rosario Islands Archipelago, in Bolívar

This archipelago is made up of 27 islands in the Caribbean Sea and is a great destination for tourism in Colombia. You can reach them after an hour and a half sailing from Cartagena de Indias. The territory is also part of the Corales del Rosario National Park, so they share the beautiful marine scenery of the Colombian Caribbean.

On the Big Island of Colombia, we find most of the tourist services in the area. This is the island that has the largest size of the archipelago and in it, we find wonderful white sand beaches and warm waters, perfect to enjoy a quiet day at sea or practice water sports such as diving.

7. Taganga, in Magdalena

A short distance from Santa Marta, we find a picturesque and curious fishing village. In this town we will stay with our mouths open thanks to its beautiful landscapes, seeing the mountains of an intense green will contrast with the beautiful Caribbean beaches that we will find in Colombia.

In Taganga we will find Playa Grande, one of the most tourist beaches in ColombiaIt is accessible from the village through a boat. Here you can immerse yourself in its crystalline waters to practice scuba diving or enjoy famous marine scenarios for its extensive coral reefs and great marine biodiversity. If you are thinking of traveling to Colombia, this destination cannot be missed.

8. Bahia Solano Bay, in Chocó

Solano Bay, one of the best beaches in Colombia and is known as “The Whale Park”. It is a beach on the shores of the Colombian Pacific. Here marvelous scenarios of mountains, tropical forests, waterfalls, and beautiful Colombian beaches converge that have great biodiversity. The humpback whales, which can be seen from July to October, stand out.

Near here you can visit the reddish beach of Punta Huina that is ideal for sports such as snorkeling. You will also find nearby the Utría Natural National Park, which has a wide variety of marine and jungle ecosystems. It is considered one of the most biodiverse in the world.

9. Cabo de La Vela, in La Guajira

If you plan to go sightseeing in Colombia, Cabo de la Vela is a great choice. It is located in La Guajira, north of South America and is another of the best beaches in the Colombian Pacific. It is a desert territory with incredible landscapes, and enjoying its charms is an adventure that any traveler should enjoy.

Arriving here you can immerse yourself fully in the Wayuu culture. It is a different culture that has customs and rituals full of color, magic, and life. In addition, you will feel like in the Middle East thanks to the presence of the Omar Ibn Al-Jattab Mosque, a legacy of former immigrants who settled in the area.

A great destination to learn more about Colombian culture, but also to enjoy family vacations. It should be noted that Cabo de la Vela is one of the most beautiful and economic beaches in Colombia next to La Guajira.

10. Capurganá, in Chocó

This small town is on the edge of the border with Panama. Here you can enjoy the beaches of Capurganá, which are the most beautiful beaches in Colombia. It is possible to find huge cliffs, such as quiet coral bays. All of them bathed in the calm crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea and the flora of the Darien Forest.

One of the landscapes that we cannot ignore is La Piscina de Los Dioses, a natural pool where we can snorkel quietly. Also the Cascada del Cielo or Plamparejo Beach. Here you can swim among true corals that make up the beaches of the Colombian Caribbean, without a doubt, a dream come true.

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