10 Most Visited Cities in Latin America

10 Most Visited Cities in Latin America

The MasterCard credit and debit card brand has brought to light a study called Global Destination Cities Index 2019. In it, they have identified the 10 most visited cities in Latin America in 2018. In addition, they have also included other variables such as the expenses and investment of travelers in each of the destinations.

The most attractive places are usually those that are made up of paradisiacal beaches with huge sandbars and crystal clear waters. However, there is also an occasional surprise. Discover them!

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1. Cancun, Mexico, the most visited city in Latin America

On the northeast coast of the state of Quintana Roo, we find Cancun. It is considered one of the most important destinations in all of Mexico and even in all of Latin America. In addition, it tops the first place as a successful destination for international tourists.

We can visit the Underwater Museum, which has become a well-known museum that promotes marine life. 30 kilometers from its beautiful beaches, we have Isla Mujeres. Here we will find a large extension of resorts, hotel complexes, sports and water activities, etc. As you can see there is a lot to see in Cancun, it is a dream come true!

2. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The city of Punta Cana is located east of the Dominican Republic. It has great attraction due to its seaside coastline, where some of the most luxurious and enormous hotel complexes in Latin America have been developed so that tourists can enjoy its benefits at any time.

If you are going to visit it, you can choose between several options for relaxation or fun. You can tour the area and visit the beaches of Samana or Saona Island. In addition, you can not miss the Dominican night and try some of its exquisite and refreshing drinks. They say that trips to Punta Cana are never forgotten!

3. Riviera Maya, Mexico

Another of those destinations that come to mind when we think of the benefits of Latin America is the Riviera Maya. This city is an excellent destination for a vacation in Mexico. It has sea and infinite possibilities to carry out any activity, besides a great history and immense cultures.

It will highlight the friendliness of its people and also its exquisite services. Located on the east coast of Mexico, where you can enjoy stunning landscapes that mix the beauty of the Mexican jungle with the tranquility of the beaches full of white sand and crystal clear waters. The perfect place to travel to the Caribbean!

4. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is located above the Valley of Mexico, at 2,240 meters above sea level. It was previously called the Federal District and represents one of the 32 entities that make up the state of Mexico. It should be noted that it is currently one of the most populated cities in America.

Here you can explore its streets and visit the Plaza de la Constitución or the Historic Center of the city, with its excellent monuments, the Chapultepec Forest or the National Museum of Anthropology, where you can discover the exciting Mayan history that the country has.

5. Lima, Peru

This is the only capital in Latin America that has access to the sea. You can enjoy amazing beaches that are especially suitable for surfers. Lima is on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and is the capital of Peru.

Here you can visit some emblematic places worthy of a visit such as the Colonial Center, the Government Palace, the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral Basilica or the Archbishop’s Palace. Do not forget to visit the whole of San Francisco, a convent with cloisters and some catacombs that date back to the colonial era.

6. Santiago, Chile

At the bottom of Santiago de Chile, we find the beautiful Andes mountain range. The city fuses a pre-Hispanic past with the presence of the Andean peoples but also has the most important administrative activities in the region.

It is considered the third city in Latin America that has a better quality of life. Discover its exquisite viewpoints, where to lose sight until you don’t give up. Stay speechless with its panoramic sublime, enjoy a minute of rest in one of its picturesque squares and lose yourself shopping for the best shops in the city.


7. Sao Paulo, Brazil

The city of Sao Paulo is the main financial center in all of Brazil and one of the most important cities in South America. Many sources have confirmed that it is the best city to do business across the continent.

In constant growth, it is believed that its economy can triple in the next year 2020. In addition, it is one of the great centers of culture, art, entertainment, and leisure in the country. A curiosity? If you are a pizza lover, Sao Paulo is famous for manufacturing more than one million units a day. You will not go hungry at all!

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina, another pearl of Latin America

The cosmopolitan city par excellence of Argentina. This is considered Buenos Aires, also it’s capital. In addition, it is listed as the main urban center of the country, but it also has very marked history and culture. As of the 16th century, thousands of European immigrants arrived in what is one of the largest cities in America.

modern but at the same time conservative city, with a particular cultural, gastronomic and architectural style. Stroll through the Recoleta Cemetery, the Caminito promenade or the El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore, recognized as the best in the world. Try one of its exquisite coffees or take a romantic ride in one of its trams, excellently preserved. Buenos Aires will catch you!

9. Cusco, Peru

To the southeast of Peru, we find Cusco. Located on the eastern slope of the Andes mountain range and in the Huanatay river basin. It is another of the most visited cities in America and has endless things to do. It is full of monuments and activities, but you can always make a route to squeeze it to the fullest during the time you are.

On your trip to Cusco, stroll through the Plaza de Armas and discover the Temple of the Sun. You can go to the Cathedral to see the wonderful sculptures and paintings. Discover also the Archaeological Center of Sacsayhuaman, where the Sun, the Moon and the Earth were worshipedHere you can impregnate yourself with a delicious culture that has only improved over the years.

10. Panama City, the progress of Latin America

This is the capital of Panama, one of the most modern cities in Latin America. It borders the Pacific Ocean and also with an artificial channel. It is currently listed as one of the best places in South America.

If you walk through the city, don’t forget to get lost in your Old Town. This is the old historical center, where you can walk through cobblestone streets and very well preserved, admire its exquisite monuments of the colonial era or enjoy a coffee in one of its squares.

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