Italy to pay for airline tickets and tourist accommodation after the pandemic

Would you like to go to Italy after this pandemic? Transportation and lodging are at your expense.

Italy is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, to date accumulates more than 200,000 cases. One of the issues that most concern the country is tourism, they are looking for ways to activate it effectively. A good idea is to pay part of the plane tickets and part of the accommodation for tourists who decide to go to Italy on vacation.

Before this health crisis happened, Italy was one of the most visited countries in the world. When closing its borders and having its entire population confined for more than two months, the country fell into an economic decline where they do not know how they will get out of it in terms of tourism.

It should be noted that they will not pay the entire trip either. Italy will bear half the cost of the plane ticket and one-third of the hotel bill. Adding to this a coupon for an extra night every two nights paid at a local hotel.

Because the pandemic is not over and there is no probable date for tourism to resume, there is no word yet on when this promotion will take effect. The only thing the Italian authorities said is that when it is safe to go and enjoy the country. Travelers who choose Italy will enjoy all these benefits.

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