“If the population does not stay at home, it will be a catastrophe”

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Antonio Pesenti is an Italian doctor. This is the coordinator of the Lombardy Crisis Unit in Italy. According to him, in the event that the population does not understand that they should stay at home, the situation will become catastrophic. The coronavirus has claimed more than 100 lives in 24 hours.

The expert also wanted to say that the hospitals in this region of the Italian country are one step away from collapse. In fact, they have had to improvise other intensive care areas in their own corridors, operating rooms and various recovery rooms.

Italian doctor launches an urgent message

The picture is so serious that you have to increase availability up to 10 times of certain resuscitation sites since the health system must continue to be occupied by the rest of the patients. Accidents, other illnesses … None of that will stop.

Although Pesenti is not intended to alarm the population, it does maintain that citizens must understand the need to carry out a change in your relationships socially.


“This is not the time to go shopping or drink a‘ spritz ‘”, but“ just to buy food. ”

In addition, the coordinator also wanted to comment that both doctors and nurses dress and undress in front of another person so that they verify that they do it in the correct way. And is that a minimal distraction is enough for the professional to end up infected.

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