“If I die, I die young”, young people against the coronavirus

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Many are the travel cancellations that are happening as a cause of the coronavirus. However, within this panorama, although there are many people who have stopped traveling because of fear, there are some kamikaces. Many young people are taking advantage of cheap flights offered by airlines in order to travel the world.

NBC News has been in charge of interviewing three young people in particular who think this way. Two are from the United States, one from England. Neither seems to be afraid of COVID-19. In addition, hundreds of dollars and pounds have been saved on airline tickets.

Cheap flights in response to the coronavirus

Student Ashley Henkel resides in California. He is 20 years old and is already planning his trip for this summer. A route through New York, Vancouver and Portland.

According it states:

“It’s not fun staying home and being worried.”

Within his statements, also wanted to add the next:

“I feel like if the coronavirus became even more severe and ended up with a large number of people, it might as well be somewhere having fun.”

On the other hand, we find young british jack mulligan. He resides in Manchester and is also of the opinion that the coronavirus will not prevent him from traveling. He is already planning to fly to the Dominican Republic in May, thanks to the cheap flights that have appeared due to the pandemic, he has been able to save between 300 and 400 pounds. Amazing!

Although the young man is aware of the problem that the virus represents, nothing will make him back off in your decision:

“I think coronavirus is clearly something that people should be careful about, but I don’t plan to put my life on hold because something is happening.”

The third interviewee is Capri Nicole, a 27-year-old girl who will travel from Atlanta to Connecticut very soon. Specifically, the following week because he must visit his grandmother. The old woman is sick with cancer and turns 71.

Nicole is you have saved about $ 200 thanks to the fury and affirms that:

“I know the world is in a panic, but the flights are cheap.”

Regarding the risks of a possible coronavirus infection, he states that there are diseases everywhere. In fact, think you could get any other disease other than COVID-19.

According to their own words:

“If I die, I die. I miss my family.”

Although the mortality rate in young people is the lowest, it must also be taken into account that they can infect older people, for whom it can be fatal. The summary is that not only try to protect yourself, but also the rest of the population. Especially the one that is at risk.

Written by Editorial Staff

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