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Holland pays its inhabitants for cycling to work

Holland pays its inhabitants for cycling to work


Holland pays its inhabitants for cycling to work

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Holland pays its inhabitants for cycling to work

Holland has many good things. It stands out for being one of the few countries in the world to do many things. One of them also has to do with the environment. The country is one of the few to pay its inhabitants for cycling to work. Can you imagine it?

Translated into the money they can earn, an inhabitant who travels about 10 kilometers a day on his bike, if we multiply it by five days a week, he could earn about 450 euros every year. Of course, tax-free.

As a fact, more than 70% of the population uses this means of transportation daily in the country. They go by bike when they meet friends, when they go shopping, to go to work … In addition, the country is perfectly prepared to go by bike, so driving is very simple.

Now you get paid for cycling in Holland

From the Government of the country, it is sought that more than 200,000 people use this means of transport on a daily basis to go to work. An ideal alternative for fossil fuels. With this objective in mind, it is encouraged to have and maintain greener infrastructures that respect the environment to a greater extent.

The main objective is for people to be part of the cities in which they live, as well as much more aware of the decisions they make.

An additional benefit offered by the Netherlands for cycling, in addition to those already known, such as staying healthy or losing weight, is the economic one. For every kilometer you travel, you can earn up to 0.22 euros tax-free.

Holland pays its inhabitants for cycling to work

Holland pays its inhabitants for cycling to work. Image from Shutterstock

Other countries that have this scheme

But Holland is not the only country to adopt this measure. Others already imposed it, getting its inhabitants to save money by riding a bike, especially when paying taxes.

  • The United Kingdom has a scheme known as “Cycle to work”, very similar to Dutch.
  • Belgium also offers payments to cyclists.
  • In Luxembourg, although public transport is also free, a tax refund of 340 euros per year is offered if you buy a bike.

All that remains to be said is that, by joining this brilliant initiative, Holland shows that it remains a committed nation and one of the first in the world to take certain environmental measures.

In this country there are no more dogs in the streets; the first solar plant in the sea is created and remains one of the most open countries in the world. According to the World Economic Forum, the Netherlands is a country with more bikes than inhabitants. Amazing!


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