Guide To Discover The Iguazu Falls In Argentina

Guide To Discover The Iguazu Falls In Argentina

South America has a waterfall that is a million times more impressive than Niagara but has never been heard of. Iguazú is a Guaraní word that means big water. This would be the largest waterfall in the world and a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

You will not forget to see the falls up close. You can fly directly to Iguazu from Buenos Aires or you could take a bus. This you should know before going:

The waterfall is made up of 250 smaller falls and is so large that it encompasses two countries, which would be Argentina and Brazil, which is located on a cliff in a huge free fall at the height of a 24-story building.

It is not necessary to book a tour

The buses for the falls are available, and the roads are marked. When they arrive at the falls, both on the Argentine side and on the Brazilian side they offer boat trips, these trips should not be booked in advance. If you want to change clothes, the boats have cabinets on board. What is also recommended is that they can have a case for their phone before going.

Do not miss the Brazilian side

Here you can access two-thirds of the falls from the side of Argentina and consider the good, or you can also cross into Brazil. It is worth going through the Brazilian side, as it will allow you to approach the most famous section of autumn, called the Devil’s Throat.

The Garganta del Diablo is a great mix between 3 massive falls; There are two that have an age limit on the Argentine side, while the Brazilian side does not.

The best time to go is

It would be during the full moon in spring or autumn. To book a night walk to La Garganta del Diablo, you must do it when the moon is full. It would create the ancient legend about the falls.

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