Travel to Colombia: How Much Money is needed?

Travel to Colombia: How Much Money is needed?

Are you thinking of traveling to Colombia? Enjoy its beautiful landscapes, its streets full of color, the friendliness of its people and its deep-rooted traditions…

Do you think you can travel cheaply to Colombia? How much money do you need to prepare for your trip? Also, is there a lot to see in Colombia?

Travel to Colombia and enjoy its wealth

It is a country well known for its coffee plantations. In fact, one of the biggest attractions for tourists in Colombia is usually the famous “coffee route”. However, there is much more to see in Colombia besides good coffee.

The richness of its wild nature, its beautiful landscapes, all this makes Colombia a beautiful place to visit and even to stay and live. You will enjoy legendary cities like Medellín or Bogotá. Cartagena de Indias also deserves a visit on your itinerary, the colorful streets will flood you and you will be impregnated with the happiness that you breathe on a trip to Colombia.

Colombia is a destination that, no matter how much you talk, you can never truly know until you get there. Because it is a country to enjoy, to feel alive and to rest at certain times.

How to get to Colombia

To make a trip to Colombia, you can do it through the three most used means of transport to reach the country and also the most famous in the world.

  1. Colombia by plane: There is a national line that also operates internationally called Avianca. There are also others that may be a good option. From Europe, you can take about 10 or 16 hours. From some countries in South America from 4 to 8 hours arriving in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá.
  2. Colombia by car: There is only one connection between Colombia and Venezuela and another between Colombia and Ecuador. From other ports, cars must be transported by boat.
  3. Colombia by boat: It is not too common for passengers, it is usually more to transport loads. However, lately, the entry of cruise ships to Colombia has increased considerably.

Colombia Currency

The official Colombian currency is the Colombian peso or (COP). Contrary to what is commonly seen, some designs of their tickets are made vertically, which usually attracts the attention of tourists.

You will wonder how much 1 Colombian peso is worth when you change your currency, but it is something that is constantly changing. The most current page to make the currency exchange is XE.

  • Colombian Peso Exchange  – Euro : 1 EUR = 3,774 COP
  • Colombian Peso – Dollar Exchange  : 1 USD = 3,435 COP

How to find cheap flights to Colombia

To travel to Colombia, the first thing you should do is find cheap tickets to Colombia. It depends on where you live you can find flights at a cheaper price than others.

Ideally, carry out a previous investigation and book a couple of months in advance whenever we have looked at the prices of each airline, the best months to travel, the low seasons, etc. For this, you can help yourself with express tools for it like Skyscanner.

Keep in mind that most flights connect with Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Therefore, do not forget to have your itinerary well closed to be able to calculate the total budget with the means of transport you use to move between the different cities of Colombia.

Hotels in Colombia

As in any destination, hotel prices will vary according to their quality and location. For example, there are hotels in Bogotá where you can find cheap rooms ranging from € 9 ($10) per night with breakfast included. A price that is not negligible for which it is certainly worth thinking about visiting the country.

There are also options to rent an entire apartment. Here the options are also the most economical. We can find them from € 10.50 ($12) a night and have more rooms and options for a pleasant stay in Colombia

If we opt for higher quality accommodation in Colombia, we can find five-star hotels, the highest quality, for only € 56 ($62) per night. Compared to other destinations in the world, this price is the most attractive for cheap travel to Colombia.

How much Colombian food is worth

Colombian cuisine offers a variety of delicious dishes. Arepas, sancochos, ceviche… Just thinking about it already makes our mouths water. As in all of the above, it all depends on the quality you demand as well as what you are willing to pay.

A menu in a hamburger shop can be found for about 18,000 Colombian pesos or € 6 euros (7 USD). Colombian food restaurant has an average price of 20,000 pesos or € 6.5 ($7.5) for both lunch and dinner. The sancochothe typical Colombian food, you can also taste for 20,000 pesos or € 6.5 euros ($7.5).

If you want to drink something, a beer in any bar will cost you about 3,000 Colombian pesos, € 0.80 ($1) cents. As a curiosity, it is the same price as coffee, the flagship drink of Colombia.

Transportation price if you are traveling to Colombia

There is much to do in Colombia, and to know as much as possible we must take into account the price and how to move to Colombia. There are several means of transport and their prices are not exorbitant.

  • Taxi:  The normal rate of the taxi in Colombia per kilometer is 4,800 pesos or € 1.27 euros (1.39 USD) and the service starts at 4,700 pesos or € 1.24 euros (1.35 USD).
  • Bus:  The monthly public transport pass is 100,000 pesos or about € 26 euros (28.36 USD). A one-way ticket costs 2,200 pesos or € 0.58 ($0.63) cents and this is an alternative to consider if you plan to travel to Colombia and move on your own.

Holidays in Colombia are an excellent option if you have a low budget. The most expensive flights on this type of trip are flights to Colombia. However, taking stock of the cost of the flight to another destination and the price of living there, without a doubt, the coffee country is an excellent option to consider.

If you would like to collaborate by adding more tips to travel to Colombia, add yours to the comments below.

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