10 Tricks To Book Cheap Flights

Do you want to know the best tricks to book cheap flights? Every time you visit the plane ticket, the price has risen? Would you like to save money on your next trip?

Nobody likes that feeling when you know that the person sitting next to you on the plane has taken the price of the cheapest ticket. What rage!

Surely, you have applied some of these 10 tricks to find cheap flights, try them, surely your next trip will be you the person who flies with the cheapest ticket.

Keep your search incognito

Surely it has happened to you that you have seen the price of a flight and when you have looked for it later to buy it, it has risen. Yes, this usually happens very often.

One of the things you should know is that airlines change flight prices based on your browser’s cookies. When they see that you are interested in that flight, they raise the prices so that you buy them as soon as possible.

There is a trick to solve this airline practice. Search in incognito mode. Open an incognito tab in your browser to search for flights, so cookies will not be saved and you will not get any surprises with the price of the flight.

Use cheap flight search engines

Use the best search engines for cheap flights to scan all available airlines and flights.

There are websites where you will find the same plane ticket at a much higher price, so it is good that you use these flight search engines. Basically, they track different companies and websites to offer you the best travel deals.

Some of these search engines are:

Use economic flight alerts

Most of the pages we have mentioned for cheap flights have an option to create flight alerts.

You simply have to set the alert and you will receive an email every time a flight appears under the criteria you have set. If you are fast, you can access error rates that can make you buy really cheap flights.

Buy directly at the airline

Once you find the flight you want, you can go to the airline’s website to see if it has the same price or is cheaper. Generally, it does not usually happen, however, there may be some special offer and in this way, it is more convenient to buy it through the airline’s website.

Use low-cost airlines

Ok, they are a bit more uncomfortable, the seats closer together, sometimes they don’t fit the legs, they put problems with hand luggage, and in some cases, it can be a ceremony in the air…

Without a doubt, it is not for everyone. Instead, they offer very low prices for flying, and best of all, they are all over the world. You just have to know which are the low-cost airlines. On Wikipedia, you can find a complete list of low-cost airlines. Some of them are:

Know which are the cheapest days to travel

There are many theories about what are the cheapest days to travel, some say that on Tuesdays… others than Thursdays…

However, we like to be guided by statistics of the companies that are dedicated to this sector. For this, here is a guide where we tell you what is the best day to travel and the best dates according to a study by one of these companies.

Be flexible with dates

This can be difficult in many cases, especially if you have the right time, however, being able to travel a few days before or after, you will have more options to choose between different prices of airline tickets.

When you search for a flight, if the website you use, for example, Skyscanner, gives you the option to view the entire month, use it. So you can have a better view of flight prices days before and after the planned date.


For many, the scales can be a real pain. Yes, nobody likes to wait. However, it is one of the options when booking cheap flights.

Generally, flights with stops are cheaper. If you are going to make stops at an airport you will need a listing with the Wifi passwords of all airports.

Flexible destinations

Another of the great tricks to book cheap flights will be to take into account the different destinations you can reach.

For example, sometimes you can get cheaper to travel to a city and travel by train, bus, and even by plane, than traveling directly to the destination you want to reach. This also happens at the country level.

Check if it is cheaper to pay in other currencies

This trick is a bit geek, but sometimes, it usually turns out. Airlines often organize the payment of airline tickets in the currency of the country from which the purchase is made.

Many times, it is better to pay in the currency of the country of arrival, as long as it does not include a surcharge for currency exchange.

Conclusions about the tricks to booking cheap flights

There are many options to fly economically around the world. In fact, in each country, and even in each airport or airline you can find some trick to make the airline tickets cheaper.

These are just a few and be sure, they can lower the price you pay for your flights. Try it and you will see it. And do you have any tricks that we have not mentioned to find the cheapest flights? You can send us your suggestion via email.

Written by Editorial Staff

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