Do You Know The Best Day To Find Cheap Flights?

Do You Know The Best Day To Find Cheap Flights?

There are dozens of tricks to find cheap flights. Whether you are studying or working in another country and are constantly looking for cheap flights to return to your home to visit your family and friends or on the contrary, you are looking for employment abroad and want to travel to know the destination city or look for work directly From the corresponding country, you have to know the best days to look for cheap flights.

Recently, Skyscanner, the search engine for cheap flights with which we work, has developed a study to locate the days when flights are cheaper.

Knowing when to book flights will be key to finding the best prices when buying a plane ticket.

According to Skyscanner, the best time to book flights would be 7 weeks before. On this date, the price of tickets is approximately 9.7% cheaper.

On the other hand, the study mentions that the months of January and November, followed by February, are the cheapest months to travel by plane. July and August, due to the high season, are the most expensive months to fly. Although these dates usually coincide, the price swing will also depend on the destinations to which you want to travel.

Skyscanner also analyzed different destinations to find out the best dates to find the cheapest flights to those places. Traveling in Europe is not the same as long-distance flights.

To book transoceanic flights,  Skyscanner recommends buying tickets well in advance. When buying plane tickets on long-haul flights, prices will be lower saving up to 13% of the price. 

However, since it cannot be so farsighted, Skyscanner mentions that on average, transoceanic destinations, prices go down if you are looking for flights 7 weeks in advance.

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