Beaches and coves of Mallorca: when the sky and the sea merge

Beaches and coves of Mallorca: when the sky and the sea merge
Beaches and coves of Mallorca: when the sky and the sea merge

Paradise beaches in Spain? Although it seems like a utopia, the answer is yes. In this article, we are going to discover some of the best coves in Mallorca.

On the island of Palma, you can find incredible beaches with fine sand and transparent waters where the sky merges with the sea and the stillness overwhelms the spectators… The best thing about these beaches is that they are usable for much of the year given the excellent climate of which the Majorcans boast – and they are not without reason -.

From the most famous and frequented to the most unknown in which to hide from the crowd… And the vast majority are located in places of serene beauty. Are more reasons needed to visit this island?

To the north: good beaches and good food

In the beautiful setting of Pollença millions of crystalline drops bathe its bay providing an indescribable spectacle in which it highlights with its own light the Cala de Sant Vicenç. Taking advantage of the fact that we are at this point, surely visiting the Coves Prehistòriques de Sant Vicenç will complete this excursion.

Other important caves in this area are Cala Bóquer and Cala Figuera. The latter being the most famous for the incredible views it gives and the tranquility that overflows.

A little over an hour down the road to the west we find Cala Deià, one of the coves that attract more tourism since the environment that surrounds it is simply magical. And although these visits have no other purpose than to enjoy the sun and the beach, it is highly recommended not to miss the opportunity to try some of the famous dishes of the Majorcan gastronomy that in this place they are prepared with outstanding.

Impossible to leave without trying brut rice and sausage. And although an ensaimada may well come at the end of the afternoon, you should not miss other indigenous sweets such as the robiols or rubiols. Although they are typical Easter sweets, they are so delicious that they are sold in practically all the patisseries in Palma. It is a sweet pastry in the shape of dumplings filled with cottage cheese, pastry cream, jam, angel hair or chocolate … To lick your fingers …

Descending through the east of the island, Capdepera. It is not surprising that it is one of the most sought after tourist destinations on the island, as noteworthy beaches are located in this municipality. Cala Mesquida, Cala Ratjada, and Font de Sa Cala attract all eyes.

And although Coves del Drach takes away the glory, this place has the honor of welcoming the Coves d’Artà, who absolutely have nothing to envy to the previous ones. We must not forget the famous Cala MoltóBecause it is small, it usually fills up quickly but it will undoubtedly be worth visiting.

Cala Mesquida - Calas de Mallorca
Cala Mesquida – Calas de Mallorca

Coves in the east and west of Mallorca, the hard part will be choosing

Going south from Capdepera, in Manacor Not only the famous pearl factory awaits the visitor, but numerous beaches from which nobody wanted to leave. Probably in Porto Cristo Some of the most beautiful on the island reside. And so, like the well-known pearls, they shine Cala Anguilla, Cales de Mallorca, Cala Murada, Cala Mendia and S’Estany d’en Mas. And for those who like to walk, Cala Varques It is the ideal environment since it is not easy to get to it, so its patrons are usually locals.

To West, Andratx it offers generous kilometers of white sand. This is demonstrated by its appreciated coves among which stand out Cala en Basset on the island of Sa Dragonera, Cala Fonoll, and Cala Blanca.

Beaches and coves in the south of Mallorca

In Felanitx the unspoiled beach Cala Mitjana. A real wonder not very busy since you have to walk a lot to enjoy its benefits. And to the southeast of the island, the magnificent Caló des Moro: a beautiful and small cove located in Santanyí The difficult access of which makes it not one of the most popular. Surrounded by pine trees and rock, its limpid waters allow you to contemplate the bottom without making much effort… It is Caragol It is located in the same municipality, although it is usually more visited.

beaches and coves of Mallorca - Caló des Moro
Turquoise waters in Caló des Moro

The best-known beaches on the island

And if the previous ones were not enough, Palma de Mallorca It is home to two touristy beaches, which of course are for good reasons: the Beach of Cala Millor and the Garden City beach. The first has the great privilege of being protected from strong winds. The warmth of its water and this peculiarity make this beach one of the most attractive.

The Ciudad Jardín beach is another recommended, especially if you visit with young children since its waters have little depth and it is also one of the calmest. Ideal for the whole family to enjoy numerous baths without frights! As if that were not enough, it has a beautiful promenade to share with the excellent company of some ice cream or some traditional sweets.

In short, the beaches where you can enjoy and dream. And is that if they are not the same sky, of course, closer you can not be…

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