Aruba Chosen as One of The Best Destinations in the Caribbean for Family Trips

Aruba Chosen as One of The Best Destinations in the Caribbean for Family Trips

Sometimes, choosing the perfect destination for family trips can be a challenge. Several things have to be taken into account, which makes the decision, in many cases, more complicated than it seems. But, although precautions must be taken, you should never give up travel if the family grows.

To travel with children, you have to keep in mind that the destination must meet several requirements for parents to also travel in peace. Two of the most important are health and safety. Discover the best plans to make in Aruba, one of the best destinations for family trips this year.

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1. Safety in the Streets of the Caribbean, Important for Family Trips

It is the destination that has the safest streets in the entire Caribbean. There are hardly any crime problems and, in addition, you have guaranteed health and education, so there is a high standard of living, far from poverty or illiteracy.

It is a small island, whose police are 100% dedicated to tourism. That is, it is complicated that there is insecurity. However, it is advisable, of course, to have the same forecasts with respect to belongings as anywhere else in the world.

2. The Tranquility of Its Beaches, Perfect for Children

In the southern part of Aruba, we find the well-known Baby Beach, a shallow beach that is a true paradise. Its calm waters make it the best option to enjoy with children. In addition, it is also popular among swimmers who want to cover long distances without touching the sand.

Another great option is Eagle Beach, famous for sports such as diving or relaxing under one of its beautiful palm trees. In addition, it is known for being one of the widest beaches in all of Aruba.

3.  A Park to Have Fun On a “Mini-Island” on Your Family Trips

Palm Island is a park where you have fun that has everything included, perfect for family trips. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for fun and adventure with the kids or escape as a couple from the hustle and bustle of the hotel zone. Here you can enjoy small and private beaches, so you will always find something for you.

If you take the day pass you will have the buffet breakfast included, free lunch, various snacks; Open bar and endless things to do. Let’s enjoy right now!

4.  Discover The Charming Butterfly Farm

On Happy Island, we can find a dream butterfly garden. This promises an encounter with true nature, admiring its beauty and biodiversity. It is a tropical garden populated by endless butterflies.

Here you can observe the life cycle of these colorful and friendly butterflies, as well as take a lot of beautiful photographs that you can always take with you as a souvenir.

5. A Visit to The Exotic Animal Reserve

It’s called Philip’s Animal Garden and it’s the perfect place to take a family walk while watching authentic exotic animals. It is a non-profit organization focused on rescuing various animals from Aruba and the rest of the region. You can enjoy educational talks, personalized experience and get closer to the lives of more than 50 species.

If with all this you have convinced yourself that Aruba is the place for your family trips, be sure to choose the One Happy Family vacation package. Thanks to him you can enjoy numerous advantages such as:

  1. Free accommodation for children under 12 if they share a room with one or two adults
  2. Free daily breakfast for children under 12 at the hotel restaurant
  3. Gift for the whole family
  4. Cocktail and passport VIK (very important child)

Recommendations if traveling with young children

  • It is important to take care of the sun’s rays: you should apply sunscreen every 2 hours with a minimum factor of 50 SPF.
  • Constant hydration: protect them from high temperatures with water and other liquids. On the island, there is drinking water and fruit juices also abound and, in addition, they are delicious.
  • Never lose sight of them: it is important to keep them vigilant so as not to take any fright. Let them swim and always explore where you can see them.

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