5 Reasons to travel to San Andres Island in Colombia

5 Reasons to travel to San Andres Island in Colombia

Colombia is a special country. Full of culture, charm and peculiar gastronomy. Among its many activities, one that you cannot miss stands out: travel to San Andres Island.

In the Caribbean Sea, facing Nicaragua, San Andres is located. An exotic and beautiful island where you want to get lost and disconnect. Are you a fan of clean and turquoise waters? Of the beaches of clear and fine sand? You will love this destination!

Here you can discover 5 reasons to travel to San Andrés (although surely there are many more).

Coral reefs taken from another world

If something stands out on San Andres Island is its emblematic underwater world.

Sports enthusiasts such as snorkeling and diving will thoroughly enjoy its beautiful and colorful coral reefs. These are the ideal scenario to live an underwater adventure that invites you to dream of a world parallel to ours.

In addition to its coral reefs, thanks to the purity of its waters we can also enjoy beautiful exotic fish. The perfect point to enjoy that underwater world that has always attracted us to human beings.

A rainbow sea

If I say that the San Andres Sea is comparable to the rainbow, it is because of its wide range of colors. About seven nothing more and nothing less!

This makes this part of the Caribbean Sea a wonder to explore and feel like a buccaneer plowing waters of shades as taken from the sky itself.

Among this wide range of colors, we delight with turquoise blue, light blue, pure green and many more. All of them accompanied by exquisite and fine white sands that give the island a feeling of beauty difficult to match.

Authentic Reggae music

The reggae is very present if we mention the music of the island. With melodies that come from Africa itself, music is a clear mix of races.

Rest assured that you cannot leave San Andres without having enjoyed its soft, cozy melodies and with that crazy and Caribbean spot on the beach while enjoying one of the delicious cocktails with which we can delight in the island. Music for the senses!

A destination prepared for tourism

San Andres Island is not just a beach, calm waters, and exotic melodies. If when you travel you do it with that tourist point, you can also find here what you are looking for.

Among its tourist spots par excellence, they highlight Morgan’s Cave, very close to the pirate legend of the same name; the Botanical Garden, where we can observe the flora of the island; or the museum dedicated to island culture.

The Caribbean and enviable climate

If you are not a friend of the cold, the island will welcome you with open arms. Its climate ranges between 26 and 29 degrees. Throughout the year!

Although virtually any time is good and every season is suitable for a trip to San Andres, it is true that when we can enjoy more clear and calm skies at the beginning of January. Nothing better than to start in this heavenly place!

Unforgettable vacations, dream trip … This is just one of the adjectives with which we could define the experience of approaching and disconnecting on the Island of San Andres. It seems enough motivation to run away from day to day!

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