5 beaches of Cuba that will make you believe in paradise

5 beaches of Cuba that will make you believe in paradise

To talk about Cuba is to talk about the Caribbean. And talking about the beaches of Cuba is talking directly about Paradise.

With more than 580 kilometers of coastline, Cuba is one of the most privileged countries when planning an exotic vacation. Bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches of Cuba are a real delight for the senses. Especially for those in love with the wildest nature.

Then you can discover the five best beaches in Cuba (which will make you believe in paradise again).

1. Ancon Beach

To the south of Cuba, we find Playa Ancón. Located in Trinidad, we can say that this beach has earned the title as one of the most prominent on the island.

And, it has more than thirty points to dive. This makes it the ideal destination for those who love this sport. Under its calm waters, we find a huge coral reef that will leave us with our mouths open and will make us enjoy the marine nature in its purest form.

2. Cayo Largo del Sur

The Cayo Largo del Sur is an island located in the Canarreos archipelago. It’s more than 20 kilometers of extension makes it an amazing destination for those who enjoy walking through the sand and immersing themselves in completely crystalline waters.

In addition, we will also find corners for naturists. If your thing is to enjoy the landscape without clothes on top, you can do it in many of its natural and wild corners.

3. Guanabo Beach

In the eastern area, we find Guanabo Beach. Its proximity to Havana makes it one of the favorite tourist destinations for many Cubans.

Its sands of strikingly golden color will leave you captivated. However, it has a major attraction: its strong personality. And it is located in a small fishing town full of charm where you can enjoy the best of Cuba. You cannot miss a cocktail by the sea.

4. Pilar Beach

In Cayo Guillermo, we find Playa del Pilar. If in your head you have the typical images of the beaches of Cuba with turquoise waters and white sand, you will certainly not be disappointed.

A curiosity is that its name comes from Ernest Hemingway’s yacht, as it was one of the intellectual’s favorite beaches.

Leaving aside the outside, inside we find the second largest coral reef in the continent. And it is flanked by one of the largest dunes in the Caribbean, which borders 15 meters of altitude.

5. Emerald Beach

This unique name was chosen by Christopher Columbus when he was impressed with this paradise corner. Located in Holguin, Playa Esmeralda has less than a kilometer in length. However, this and its crescent shape add an air of small lost corner that will captivate all romantics who bathe in its crystal clear waters.

Here we can enjoy a wide range of sports such as diving. And we will discover a truly impressive seascape.

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