The 40 Most Beautiful Villages in Spain

Aínsa, Huesca plaza mayor

Are you thinking about the destination of your next vacation? Do you want to visit some of the most beautiful villages in Spain? Well, read on because in this list you will find landscapes and places whose beauty does not leave anyone indifferent.

Note: We have created the list in alphabetical order because each of them is wonderful and each traveler has their preferences.

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1. Aínsa, Huesca

Aínsa is one of the best-known medieval towns in the Pyrenees, for its beautiful landscapes and its privileged location. You cannot miss visiting some of its most emblematic corners and buildings, such as its fortress castle declared Well of Cultural Interest and Historic-Artistic Monument. You will also be seduced by the beauty of its main street, closed by medieval arches and full of noble buildings and houses in the medieval Gothic style.

2. Albarracín, Teruel

At more than a thousand meters of altitude and with a perfectly preserved historic center, Albarracín has more than enough reasons for us to consider it one of the beautiful towns of Spain.

When you arrive in this town of Teruel, you cannot fail to discover all the corners of its Historic-Artistic Complex, which includes the building of the Town Hall, the Castillo, the Episcopal Palace and the one known as Albarracín Cathedral. A lesson in architecture and art in every corner of town!

Albarracín, Teruel
Albarracín, Teruel


3. La Alberca, Salamanca

The origin of this town goes back to before the arrival of the Roman armies to these lands. Its centuries of history mark the character of this town that is part of the Camino de Santiago and that will call your attention for its narrow streets and its buildings, which combine stone with exposed wooden beams.

La Alberca, Salamanca towns of Spain
La Alberca, Salamanca

4. Alcalá del Júcar, Albacete

This town will seduce you with its many houses excavated in the mountains, something only possible thanks to its privileged geographical location.

It is one of the most picturesque and beautiful towns in the province of Albacete, which stands out both for the natural environment – above all, the presence of the Hoz del Júcar – and for its popular cave house constructions.

Alcalá del Júcar, Albacete. Cave houses
Alcalá del Júcar, Albacete

5. Alquézar, Huesca

Alquézar is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Huesca. When you get here, you will not be able to decide on a single place to visit. Its historic center, the Gothic Portico and the castle are some of the must-sees that you cannot miss to discover the essence of the town.

Alquezar, town of HuescaAlquézar, Huesca

6. Altea, Alicante

Altea will surprise you with the impressive beauty of its urban helmet, its color, and its life. The group of white houses around the church, which also stands out for its blue tiles, is seen in the distance for its striking color scheme. The uniform landscape of their steep streets lined with white houses It breaks with notes of color from the plants that you can find in one of its corners. An oasis of peace in which to enjoy the beauty.

Altea, AlicanteAltea, Alicante

7. Ansó, Huesca

In the Pyrenees Tobago, this town is located whose architectural ensemble was declared a Site of Cultural Interest by the Government of Aragon.

The natural environment of the town and the combination of stone, wood, and tile used in its architecture form an irresistible setting for all those visitors who want to enjoy a quiet and beautiful place surrounded by nature.

As a curiosity, it should be mentioned that Ansó has one of the most beautiful and varied traditional costumes in the country. In addition, its celebration of Exaltation is declared a Site of National Tourist Interest.

Ansó, HuescaAnsó, Huesca

8. Beget, Girona

Beget is located in the Ripollés region, in the province of Girona. It is a small medieval village that oozes charm in each of its corners. You cannot leave here without relaxing through its alleys and typical shops in the area, and without contemplating the beauty of its Romanesque parish temple.

Beget, towns of GironaBeget, Girona

9. Besalú, Girona

Besalú is a medieval village located in Girona, which will take you centuries back in time thanks to its extraordinary cultural and artistic heritage. The medieval bridge of this town is one of its most iconic images.

Its origin is a 10th-century fortress, which was transformed into a medieval town over time, and which still retains much of its essence.

The Besalú bridge is from the 12th century and is about 150 meters long. It has 7 arcades and 2 doors. Passing through the 2nd door, you will discover its first narrow and cobbled alleys, typical of other centuries. Another interesting visit is its Jewish baths.

Besalú Costa Brava GironaBesalú, Girona

10. Briones, La Rioja

The culture of wine and vineyards are the protagonists of Briones, a town that perfectly sums up the essence of the Rioja Alta. But this is not the only reason to visit this town.

Upon entering this medieval village, you will have the feeling of having gone back in time. Stately palaces, cobbled streets, emblazoned houses, and an imposing Plaza Mayor is obligatory visits to know the essence of this town.

One more recommendation: surround Briones to discover the old wall and, at the same time, contemplate the spectacular views of the nearby mountain range.

view of Briones, La RiojaBriones, La Rioja

11. Cadaqués, Girona

Cadaqués It is one of the most beautiful towns on the Catalonian coast. Closely linked to the work and life of the painter Salvador Dali, this town offers you art, nature and a beautiful urban area that continues to maintain the charm of years past. It is a genuine town sailor, which has a beautiful natural port. Its white houses are also another of its most characteristic images.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see its impressive modernist houses from the beginning of the 20th century either. One of the most beautiful is the Casa Blava.

In Cadaqués and surroundings, you can find the best charming hotels on the Costa Brava. Of course, you can’t leave Cadaqués without enjoying the Mediterranean in its idyllic coves and beaches.

Cadaqués, Costa Brava, GironaCadaqués, Girona

12. Calaceite, Teruel

In the Teruel region of Matarraña is Calaceite, a town whose old town is worthy of a film setting.

Its urban area is considered Set of Artistic Historical Interest and Cultural Interest Property and it has great architectural value. Be sure to visit its Plaza Mayor, from where the three main routes of the town leave.

Calaceite town Teruel, aragonCalaceite, Teruel

13. Castellfollit de la Roca, Girona

This small town in Girona is located on top of a spectacular cliff, which gives it impressive views over the province’s lands. Walkthrough its narrow alleys to reach the old church of Sant Salvador and its viewpoint.

The natural environment of this town is also impressive, as it is one of the points through which you can enter the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.

Castellfollit de la Roca, GironaCastellfollit de la Roca, Girona

14. Chinchón, Madrid

Chinchón is located southeast of Madrid, between the Tajo and Tajuña rivers. It is a town of great beauty, which highlights its impressive Main Square. It is a space of medieval origin, which serves as a meeting point for all the inhabitants of the town. When you enter the square, you will be especially struck by the 234 balconies of its surroundings painted in green.

It is also recommended that you visit the remains of the Chinchón castle, from where you can contemplate impressive views of the town.

One of the curiosities of this pretty Madrid town is that it has a tower built without a church next door, and with a church without a tower. We are talking about the Clock Tower and the Parish of the Assumption. Likewise, you cannot leave here without strolling through the streets around it to see its most unique popular buildings.

Chinchón, towns of MadridChinchón, Madrid

15. Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca

The castle, the walls, and the bulwark are the three axes of the artistic heritage of this town in Salamanca, which has earned the title of the pretty town of Spain for its careful old town and for the beauty of each of the hidden corners. Furthermore, this town is a cultural and historical symbol of Spain.

Ciudad Rodrigo, the most beautiful town SalamancaCiudad Rodrigo, Salamanca

16. Combarro, Pontevedra

This town has a small historic center full of charm, which stretches across the estuary of Pontevedra.

The granaries to store corn are one of the main attractions of this town, which becomes one of the best examples of Galician traditional architecture. These architectural elements were used as a barn or pantry in ancient times, and today they have survived in few places as strongly as in Combarro, where there are more than 60.

Combarro, PontevedraCombarro, Pontevedra

17. Cudillero, Asturias

This small Asturian municipality has a landscape of imposing beauty, in which they combine beaches, valleys, cliffs, and rivers. In addition, it is a fishing village that has managed to maintain its traditional character and offer a fishing environment that you will be wanting to live closely.

Cudillero, beautiful town of AsturiasCudillero, Asturias

18. Frías, Burgos

The impressive castle on top of the Frías rocks is one of its most impressive images, and one of its greatest attractions. In any case, be sure to contemplate all its medieval layout and the hanging houses that characterize this Burgos town.

Frías, towns of BurgosFrías, Burgos

19. Frigiliana, Malaga

You only have to look into the old town of Frigiliana to know that you are in one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia and from Spain. Here you will discover its well-preserved historic center, of Moorish heritage, and its natural environment of great value since this town is located at the foot of the Sierra de Almijara Natural Park. Among the obligatory visits of this population, we highlight:

  • The El Ingenio honey factory, still active and in operation since the 16th century
  • The Old Fountain, an old watering hole from the 17th century
  • The Hermitage of Ecce Homo
  • El Torreón, where the town’s deposit was located in the 18th century
  • The remains of the Arab castle

Frigiliana, beautiful villages of Andalusia

Frigiliana, Malaga

20. Hondarribia, Gipúzcoa

Hondarribia is a medieval town It will surprise you with its well-kept old town and its numerous and impressive monuments and buildings. We highlight some of your must-see visits.

Within the walled area of ​​this town in Gipuzkoa, you will find a cdisgust vIjo full of charm, which hides countless surprises. The medieval gate of Santa María receives visitors to guide them towards Calle Mayor, where some of the most characteristic buildings are located, such as the town hall.

This street ends at the Plaza de Armas, from which we recommend that you get lost in the streets of Old Town until you reach the beautiful and quiet neighborhood of La Marina.

Hondarribia, Gipuzcoa, Basque countryHondarribia, Gipuzkoa

21. LaGuardia, Álava

This town in the Rioja Alavesa still preserves the palaces and churches that are a sign of the importance it had in the past, and that form a landscape of great architectural beauty.

If you visit LaGuardia, you can not miss its large houses, churches, and walls. Do not stop walking for hours through its streets to get to know in first person all its spectacular historical and artistic heritage.

Of course, the vineyards that surround the town are another point of interest, in addition to its wineries where you can do wine tourism

Laguardia, Rioja AlavesaLaguardia, Álava

22. Lastres, Astúrias

Lastres is one of the most beautiful port towns in Spain. Despite the passing of the years, the people in charge of this town have managed to maintain its seafaring essence and turn the white walls and saltpeter of their houses into protagonists.

The Narrow streets of Lastres take you to the port from the town, where the traditional fish auction that ships bring ashore every day is still going on.

The urban center of Lastres is considered Historical Set and has artistic and cultural jewels such as the Clock Tower and the parish of Santa María de Sábada, which mixes the classic and the baroque in its construction.

Don’t leave Lastres without trying their fish dishes!

Lastres, beautiful towns of AsturiasLastres, Asturias

23. Mojácar, Almería

Mojácar is a town of great beauty, where you will find numerous tourist attractions. You cannot miss some of its most important monuments here, such as the Moorish Fountain, of Moorish origin, and the City Gate, built in the 16th century with the emblem of Mojácar.

Besides, the Parterre Square It will impress you with its impressive flowers. Nearby is the church of Santa María, whose architecture is reminiscent of a fortress.

The list of places of interest in Mojácar is impressive, but we cannot end without reminding you of the visit to the neighborhood of Arrabal, with the narrow streets typical of a 17th-century Jewish quarter.

Mojacar, beautiful villages of AlmeríaMojacar, Almería

24. Montefrío, Granada

Upon arrival in this town of Granada, your impressive natural landscape combined with the monumental architecture of its Arab fortress and the church.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Rock of the Gypsies, a place of enormous beauty and great natural value. In fact, the rocks in this area are the most characteristic image of the Montefrío environment.

This town is the ideal destination for nature lovers seeking rugged landscapes for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Montefrío, towns of GranadaMontefrío, Granada

25. Morella, Castellón

Morella is a living history lesson. his medieval setting well preserved and of extraordinary beauty is combined with a human landscape that allows us to know the essence of this town.

You can still find them in the streets of Morella some traditional shops, looms and patisseries that allow you to recover the tradition of the people.

Walk its cobbled streets to know some of the most beautiful corners of its urban area, look at its balconies and discover its impressive castle.

Morella, CastellónMorella, Castellón

26. Olvera, Cádiz

Olvera is one of the famous White Villages of Cádiz, a postcard setting whose charm you will find difficult to resist. It is a small town, but of impressive beauty. His life revolves around a street, a church, and a castle, all of them difficult to forget.

Its white houses surrounded by farmland and presided over by the impressive church, make up a panorama that will remain engraved in your memory. In addition, the privileged location of this town makes it considered nothing less than the gateway to the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.

One of the great attractions of this town is that from any of its highest points you can contemplate wonderful views of its surroundings and the Sierra de Grazalema itself.

Olvera, White Villages of CádizOlvera, Cádiz

27. Peñíscola, Castellón

Peñíscola is one of the most beautiful towns in the Orange blossom coast. Its coves, beaches, and cliffs have been the scene of numerous films for its impressive landscapes.

One of the attractions of this town is the cPope Luna’s splinter, a fortress built by the Templar Order and which was the residence of Pope Luna, the name by which Benedict XIII was known. Make your guided tour to see some of its most striking rooms, such as the dungeons or the Gothic Hall.

The port of the town is one of its most charming spaces and allows various tourist routes. You must also know the Bufador, a natural monument that can be defined as a hole between the rocks that connects directly to the sea.

Anyway, we can’t forget about Beaches Peñíscola, a spectacular setting of great beauty where you can enjoy the sea, sand, and sun.

Peníscola, towns of CastellónPeníscola, Castellón

28. Peratallada, Girona

Peratallada is a town located in the Catalan region of Baix Empordà, in Girona. Those who have visited define it as the most beautiful medieval town in all of Catalonia. When you walk through its cobbled streets, know its castle and contemplate the walls of its houses and buildings, you will have the feeling of having gone back centuries in time.

Take advantage of your stay here to visit some of its most emblematic buildings, such as the church of Sant Esteve, a 13th-century temple with a late Romanesque façade typical of these lands. In fact, the entire medieval old town of Peratallada must be known in depth. Not surprisingly, it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1975.

Peratallada, beautiful villages of GironaPeratallada, Girona

29. Priego de Córdoba, Córdoba

Priego de Córdoba is known by the names of the Cradle of the Baroque and the City of Water, two names that undoubtedly justify its being on the list of beautiful Spanish towns.

In this town, you will find an interesting group of Baroque churches of high artistic value. Among them, you have to visit those of the Assumption, the Aurora, the Carmen or the Mercedes.

Another point of interest of this town is the King’s Fountain, one of the emblems of the population thanks to its 139 water pipes and its sculptures of Neptune and Amphitrite. In the same space is the Fuente de la Salud.

You also have to visit the Villa neighborhood, of Andalusian origin and declared Historic-Artistic Interest Complex.

Priego de Córdoba, CórdobaPriego de Córdoba, Córdoba

30. Puebla de Sanabria, Zamora

Puebla de Sanabria is located in the northwest of the province of Zamora, very close to Galicia and Portugal. It is the capital of the Sanabria region, whose beauty Miguel de Unamuno himself fell in love with when he visited it.

The medieval old town Perfectly preserved in Puebla de Sanabria, it has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site and gives this town a unique charm that still retains a stately air inherited from its time of military and political power. In its streets, you can appreciate the traditional houses in the area, based on slate, stone, and wood.

If you travel to Puebla de SanabriaYou cannot miss visiting the Plaza Mayor, the Town Hall – whose origin dates back to the time of the Catholic Monarchs – and the church of Nuestra Señora del Azogue, originally from the 12th century. Don’t miss the castle of the Counts of Benavente and its walls.

Puebla de Sanabria, towns of ZamoraPuebla de Sanabria, Zamora

31. Ronda, Malaga

The lands of Ronda were occupied by the Celtic, Phoenician, Arab and Roman civilizations until the Catholic Monarchs reconquered them. Thanks to this, the historical and cultural heritage of this city It is impressive, to the point that its old town is considered Well of Cultural Interest.

The Medieval and Arabic round It is located south of the river that runs through the city, the Guadalevín. For its part, to the north, you can discover the city built from the 16th century. The list of obligatory Ronda visits is endless, but we cannot fail to recommend that you visit the beauty of some of its buildings, such as Santa María la Mayor or the palaces of Mondragón and the Marqués de Salvatierra.

If you like bulls, you can’t miss the goyesca bullfight that is organized in the bullring of Ronda.

Tajo de Ronda, MalagaRonda, Malaga

32. Santillana del Mar, Cantabria

Is medieval village It can boast of its excellent conservation, which allows you to go back in time and discover the essence of Santillana, declared as Historical Artistic Complex.

Its beauty, its artistic and cultural heritage, and its natural environment are more than enough reasons to attract you to travel here. Especially important is the Altamira cave although we cannot forget buildings such as La Colegiata or the Palacio de Los Velarde.

Of course, here you can also enjoy nature and the wonderful coast near Santillana del Mar.

Santillana del Mar town, CantabriaSantillana del Mar, Cantabria

33. Setenil de las Bodegas, Cádiz

Setenil de las Bodegas is one of the famous White Villages of Cádiz. It is also known for its buildings built under the rocks, one of the most representative images of Andalusia.

Strolling through the picturesque streets of Setenil allows you to know the essence of this city and contemplate its impressive rocky views. Don’t stop walking around Cuevas del Sol and Cuevas de la Sombra, the two main roads of the town. A curiosity: if you approach Setenil in winter, you can get to see stalactites in the Cuevas de la Sombra, because the distribution of the rocks prevents the sun from heating the street.

We also recommend that you visit the 12th-century Arab castle and Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, a church that combines Moorish and Gothic elements.

Setenil de las bodegas, Cadiz, Andalucia (Spain)Setenil de las Bodegas, Cádiz

34. Sos del Rey Católico, Zaragoza

Sos del Rey Católico is a town that was once an important border town between the kingdoms of Navarra and Aragon. As a result of the defensive needs of the time, you can visit its castle today.

You cannot miss the chance to visit the local Jewish quarter, of medieval origin and known today as the Barrio Alto.

One last must-see is the monastery and church of Valentuñana, built in the 17th century by the Barefoot Carmelites.

Sos del Rey Católico, ZaragozaSos del Rey Católico, Zaragoza

35. Teror, Gran Canaria

Teror has earned the title of being one of the beautiful towns of Spain freehand. The list of places of interest in this Canarian town is long, so we highlight some of its must-sees:

The Basilica from the Virgen del Pino is unavoidable. This temple dates from the 18th century, although it has had various subsequent restorations. Look especially at its High Altar and the dressing room of Nuestra Señora del Pino, one of the images that bring together the most parishioners.

This square will impact you for the typical balconies of Canarian architecture that surround it. You cannot forget to visit the Alameda and the Cistercian monastery located in the same town.

Do you love nature? This Canarian town has various natural spaces of great ecological value, such as Pino Santo or the Doramas Natural Park.

Teror, beautiful rural town Gran CanariaTeror, Gran Canaria

36. Úbeda, Jaén

Ubeda is one of the most emblematic towns in the interior of Andalusia. Strolling through its streets gives you the opportunity to discover its extensive artistic and cultural heritage. You can’t leave here without visiting the Santiago hospital, the work of Andrés de Vandelvira and conceived as an impressive multifunctional space that includes a pantheon, a palace, a church and a hospital for disadvantaged people. Today, it is one of the axes of the cultural life of the town.

Another of the most spectacular places in Ubeda It is the square of Vázquez de Molina, in the Renaissance style and one of the most beautiful in Spain. In addition, it has a series of interesting monuments, such as the Sacra Capilla del Salvador, an impressive civil mausoleum.

Úbeda, beautiful towns of JaénÚbeda, Jaén

37. Valldemossa, Mallorca

Valldemossa is located about 20 minutes from Palma de Mallorca, but this distance is more than enough to enter a completely different world. Its cobbled and pedestrian streets and its impressive and beautiful cultural heritage they are more than enough reasons to visit this town.

Valldemossa He is known for having been the refuge of love between Frédéric Chopin and his lover George Sand. In fact, the French writer herself wrote a book about her stay here.

Do you want to visit the most emblematic spaces of this Majorcan town? The Royal Charterhouse, with its church and old pharmacy, is one of the main attractions of this town.

Finally, if you like nature, you can not stop going to tour the Serra de Tramuntana, considered Unesco World Heritage for its natural wealth.

Valldemosa, Mallorca, SpainValldemosa, Mallorca

38. Vejer de la Frontera, Cádiz

Vejer de la Frontera is one of the most beautiful towns in Cádiz, whose places and historical heritage give you many reasons to visit it.

The old town of this town is walled and rises 200 meters above the rest of the town. It’s considered Historical Artistic Complex, thanks to architectural wonders such as the Arco de las Monjas, which gives access to the Jewish quarter. You can also visit the church of the Divino Salvador, built on an old mosque and in the Gothic-Mudejar style.

Finally, another essential visit is the 9th-10th century castle found in this town and which is a direct inheritance from the Muslim occupation of the town.

Vejer de la Frontera, white villages of CádizVejer de la Frontera, Cádiz

39. Zahara de la Sierra, Cádiz

The Sierra de Cádiz hides towns as beautiful as Zahara de la Sierra. Its natural environment and its artistic heritage are the attractions of this town, which will seduce you as soon as you see it for the first time.

Go up to the viewpoint of the town to enjoy impressive views over the Sierra and, especially, the Guadalete and Tajo del Lagarín reservoir, a mountain with two twin peaks a few meters apart.

A route through the town includes visiting the tower of tribute, of Muslim origin, the church of Santa María de la Mesa and the Clock Tower located behind the hermitage of San Juan de Letrán. Its streets are also full of corners full of special charm.

Zahara de la Sierra, white villages CádizZahara de la Sierra, Cádiz

40. Zuheros, Córdoba

The small town of Zuheros has managed to maintain its essence, despite the passing of the centuries. Its narrow streets and its traditional corners and squares they are true postcard-worthy settings, to which you will fall surrendered for their beauty.

Walking through its alleys, you will reach the castle, whose imposing presence on a cliff is spectacular. Don’t forget to visit the Church of Los Remedios, built on the remains of the old mosque.

The Zuheros natural environment it is also another especially attractive element. In addition to being able to discover the flora and fauna that surrounds the town, you cannot miss visiting the archaeological site.Zuheros, CórdobaZuheros, Córdoba

So far our list with some of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Being an open list, we will be adding new places until completing a list are the 100 best towns in our geography !!

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