30 tips to travel alone abroad and work temporarily

30 tips to travel alone abroad and work temporarily
30 tips to travel alone abroad and work temporarily

Traveling alone and working abroad are part of those kinds of experiences that we all want to have at some time in life, it is an adventure and at the same time and opportunity to feel freer and reach perspectives on your personal and professional life that are not obtained by Stay in your comfort zone.

In spite of this, there are still many barriers and fears around the fact of traveling alone abroad, whether to look for a job, study or completely, due to travel.

With this article, we want to eliminate these limiting beliefs by giving you the best tips for traveling alone, so prepare your suitcase and your passport, which you are one step away from taking off with these ideas.

Study your destination in detail, both for travel and for work

Study your destination in detail, both for travel and for work
Study your destination in detail, both for travel and for work

Finding out about the destination before starting with the preparation is key, although it sounds obvious, you would be surprised to know the number of people who go to a site without clarity about what awaits them, this is not recommended in any case, but much less If your plan is to travel only to work abroad.

Your task will be to review each point from the exciting side of putting together an itinerary with those places abroad that make you more excited to travel alone, to the most cautious part that goes about taking a look at what areas you should avoid, travel carefully or Meet at recommended times.

In addition, if you are going to travel alone abroad, never stop consulting what are the requirements to access your destinations, necessary vaccinations, the cost of local life, means of transport at your disposal, accessible routes and other data that will facilitate the act of travel.

On the other hand, do not forget to review the labor landscape of your destination, that is, the labor sectors that lead in hiring, how is the day to day in the companies of your area, what are your rights as a worker and how are Your hiring policies for foreigners.

Choose the destination according to your interests

It is very important to select the destination according to your interests. Do you want to learn languages? Travel for pleasure? Are you going to look for work? Or maybe, are you going to work as a digital nomad? Do you know the language of the destination? if not … Do you want to learn it? Do you like cold or do you prefer heat? Beach or mountain? … there are many questions you can ask yourself to find the ideal destination.

Go with travel insurance

Accidents, illnesses, and robberies are at the top of the most frequent fears when it comes to going to work and traveling alone abroad, they are usually common causes why people slow down from embarking on experience and stand on an international destination, but the truth is that most have a solution if you go with insurance contracted.

Everyday insurance policies cover more aspects of your trip that will give you the peace of mind you need to travel alone and work abroad. There is even special insurance for work trips ideal for freelancers or business travelers or travel insurance for backpackers.

Beyond the main protection aspects such as your health and safety, you also have the possibility of saving money by deteriorating luggage, overbooking, delays on your flights, early returns, among other unforeseen events. Don’t forget to read even the fine print to be informed of every detail about coverage limits and amounts.

Get a pre-trip medical check-up

Especially if you are going to work abroad, which is usually for a longer period of time than usual, this advice, made at least 3-4 weeks before the trip, can save you unforeseen and instead add much more tranquility in your destiny.

Preventing is living, so assessing the state of your health before launching your personal and professional adventure will allow you to go with everything in hand to respond to your needs on time, whether you live with a particular medical condition and need to be prepared to the geographical area to which you are heading as if it is a general check to rule out any doubts.

Make it minimalist

Although your main objective abroad is to work, if you are traveling, it only means that only you will carry the luggage and not make it light could reduce your adventure.

While traveling alone, it seems necessary to fill the suitcase of a few “just in case”, be sure that everything is not necessary and it is very important to assess what things we can acquire directly at our destination in case a situation arises in where they are required.

Follow the basics: reduce the number of footwear, wear little clothes, easy to wash and in accordance with the destination to visit on your trip alone, investigate practical tips for the station that provide space, such as wearing thermal clothing for the cold instead of just gigantic and heavy coats that occupy half of the suitcase.

The key is to take advantage of each space and know how to order in these, Marie Kondo’s method of folding clothes can be very useful.

When you move around your destination, be careful with purchases, on your return you may have less energy (and money) to carry the weight and expenses for excess luggage, so it is best that even before traveling alone to abroad, reserve a space of your luggage to store the purchases and respect that space during its course.

Don’t carry all the money together

Carrying cash is never an extra, to access some countries is even a mandatory requirement. If you are traveling alone abroad you have to manage and save your money in cash following security parameters such as separating your money to avoid total loss and move with greater discretion.

Also, do not forget to separate your money from the essential travel documents, such as your passport, permission to work abroad (if necessary), bank cards or international driving license.

Scan and make digital copies of all your valuable documents

If you plan to travel alone and work abroad, you will need the peace of mind of having made a good backup of your personal and work documents.

Try to have them with you downloaded to your laptop, mobile and any other device that you carry when you leave, but also stored in your mail or in the cloud to be able to access them, download them or get them in physical from any place with internet connection, in case your digital devices get lost or stop working.

Write down the emergency numbers

Enter digitally and physically the contact numbers of your trusted beings in your country of origin, as well as the security and emergency bodies of your destination, will be very supportive if you are facing a situation of attention urgent.

Keep your trusted beings informed with your location and other valuable data

Working and traveling alone abroad does not mean that no one can accompany you on your journey through digital devices, much less if it is for reasons as important as your safety.

Update family members, friends, couples or any other person you trust, about important aspects of your trip such as the flight number, your location at the time, the license plate of the car you rented, the name and location of your accommodation, among other things, it will not only bring calm to you, but also to those who wait for you on your return.

Keep your trusted beings informed with your location and other valuable data
Keep your trusted beings informed with your location and other valuable data

Browse with VPN

Who doesn’t shine their eyes when they see an open Wi-Fi network available? However, all the excessively good has its risks, and when traveling alone abroad the risks are what we should avoid, in this case, the risks on our data and personal information during the tour.

When we are working outside we are always looking for a good connection. A VPN tool will allow you to connect to those public networks of airports, hotels, plazas, coffee shops, etc … in a much safer way so that your data is not visible to cybercriminals.

Acquire a local SIM card

The local SIM card is practically essential if you are traveling abroad without roaming, especially since these types of trips are usually for several days.

Having to constantly look for a Wi-Fi connection can be desperate and subtract moments of mindfulness and enjoyment.

Know your limits to not exceed yourself

Excesses, in general, are something you should avoid at all costs, but when it comes to traveling alone abroad get away from extremes and know your limits is a mandatory requirement.

Avoid consumption at all or be moderate with any substance, such as alcoholic beverages in public spaces, by placing a common example that can save you many problems.

Install useful applications

Installing applications such as to access offline maps, Google Translator, which allows you to obtain offline translations, Couchsurfing to get accommodation with local, local transport apps, tools to work remotely, among many other digital options, will facilitate you the fact of traveling and working abroad.

Today there is an infinite gallery of applications for travelers and freelance/digital nomads, some specialized in specific destinations, which can make your life simpler.

Meet people

Both locals, people from your work sector and backpackers who set out to live an experience in a destination similar to yours, meet people on free tours, coworking rooms, hostels or through digital platforms such as, will open your perspective on The destination and travel in general, in addition, will allow you to form a small network of local support while you fulfill your dream of traveling alone and working abroad.

Meet both locals, people from your work sector and backpackers
Meet both locals, people from your work sector and backpackers

Take a health kit when traveling alone

The travel kit must be one of your faithful companions when traveling and must be adapted to the sanitary conditions of your destination country, as it is not the same to travel to the Amazon jungle as to Norway, for example.

It is also not the same to travel to Mexico as to Thailand, where for example, it would be advisable to take a series of medications that allow treating typical diseases of the area. In general, your kit should not be missing: strips, cotton, some antiseptic product, analgesics, antibiotics, stomach protector, repellent and ointment for blows.

Carry plug adapter and external battery

When traveling to the United States you will need an American-type plug adapter, while if you are heading to Japan you will need a different type of adapter and so on with a whole series of destinations.

Nothing better than carrying a universal plug adapter and a good external battery to go quieter, in fact, you could say that these two are essential accessories, especially for those who go alone and therefore will have less chance of receiving a rescue with the battery of a travel companion.

Eat and rest well

Traveling alone abroad requires one very important thing: always be with all your senses wide awake, so it is essential to take care of you even in the most basic aspects such as eating and resting properly.

Sometimes, during trips, certain nutritional aspects tend to be neglected by consuming “street” foods, made faster and filled with processed items that do not make the body feel good. You must commit to taking care of your diet to avoid health problems for it, especially if you are of a “sensitive stomach.

On the other hand, taking care of sleep is important to get a real enjoyment of your vacation and is a priority to carry out all your day plans successfully. Many times when traveling abroad, sleep disorders occur due to jet lag, so it is essential to be prepared, which takes us to the next point…

Learn to take the jet lag successfully

If you are going to travel to a foreign country with a very different time zone from yours, the jet lag is something you must learn to face even days before your plane takes off.

There are many techniques to program yourself against jet lag, such as.

  • If you travel east: try to sleep earlier than usual.
  • If you travel west: stay up late.

Another important point is, if possible, to try to choose a flight to travel all night, rest well during the trip and land at the destination during the morning shift in that country. We guarantee that it will help a lot to adapt to the rhythm of hourly life from day one.

Avoid looking too touristy

The problem of looking too touristy if you are traveling alone abroad is that you will also attract much more attention. There are many destinations where locals do not seem comfortable with the invasive hordes of tourists or the “pickers” and pickpockets” will have their eyes on you.

If you want to avoid this, do not walk with valuables insight of the world, especially when it comes to professional cameras and photographic equipment in general, try to dress comfortably and properly to the station and learn some words of the local language.

Follow your instinct and don’t give in to social pressure when traveling alone

Learn to listen to your inner voice at all times, when you travel alone abroad you have no other point of view than yours. The best advice is to keep within your limits, if in your home country you would not party with a stranger, in a foreign country either.

The world is full of amazing people, but there is always someone or something free of good intentions. Activate your sixth sense to detect it.

Take on the experience with introspection

When you dare to travel alone abroad, you dare to decide for yourself from where, going through when and getting to why responding to all with courage.

How many opportunities are presented to you in life to do this? For most people, there are always external agents that influence their decisions, celebrate that this time is not your case and do it from introspection. Take advantage of your opportunity to be alone in a foreign country to better discover who you are and balance your vital energy.

Sign up at your country’s embassy

If a problem occurs in your destination country, having the support of your embassy may facilitate emergency management. In addition, if you require some documentation to work and travel abroad, your country’s embassy can help you.

Balance your life between working and traveling alone

For some, the problem is to disconnect and for others, it is to postpone certain work-related tasks because they are too captivated with the new destination. Whatever your case, you have to know how to balance.

Generate extra money by doing local jobs

Why don’t you prove your skills to the rest of the world? Whether you are traveling through a place that you know well and can give personalized tours, you are interested in teaching your native language or teaching a skill you master, such as doing magic or playing the guitar. Research the multiple options in your destination to visit.

Master other languages

Learning languages ​​is one of the most beneficial things when working and traveling alone abroad. Remember that you are going to a place with a culture that can be completely different from ours and to which by deference, we have to adapt.

To get to know their people, their customs and work in the way they would most appreciate, it is essential to speak their language, which will facilitate communication as well as stay in the country.

Use LinkedIn

Are you one of those who have the LinkedIn profile created but do not engage in interacting or even generating content in the account? Don’t pass today! There are increasingly many opportunities for remote work through LinkedIn that will allow you to travel and work at the same time from anywhere in the world.

Adapt your CV and profile to the rules of the destination country

While employers in the world are interested in seeing in your CV the classic data that we already know, such as your professional experience, academic training, skills, etc… It is not the same to make a resume to work.

There are countries that may have certain peculiarities in the way of developing a Curriculum. For example, some tend to see in a bad way placing a profile picture or talking a lot about you in the description of your profile. It is important to take into account if the country in which you plan to work has some particularity when evaluating a CV.

If you can, try the slow travel mode

If you want to work abroad while traveling, you will have to move much more slowly than when you travel in the traditional “traditional” way. This will help you create a certain routine within the place, but also to have a much stronger bond with the place.

In fact, slow travel focuses precisely on that: the connection, be it with local people, cultures, food or music. It is based on the idea that the act of traveling is intended to educate and have an emotional impact, in the present and in the future, and that is why it needs us to devote exploration time to the site for much more than a weekend.

Embrace the collaborative economy

How do I find a rental in a city where I don’t know anyone? How do I meet people with my interests? How do I find out about the cultural activities of the place? All of that has an answer if you know what collaborative economics is.

For this, the idea is to rely on transactions or exchanges that are made from person to person (instead of person-company), usually thanks to a digital platform that connects them, and in which there may or may not be money involved. It is the economy of exchange, sharing and consuming in the company.

Take care of your tools to work

Sounds obvious, right? But the truth is that these tools are your allies and without them, the experience of traveling and working abroad could be ruined 100%.

Electronic equipment such as laptops, cameras, photography accessories, external memories, etc … require special care when traveling with them, investigate how to protect them from damage and theft to travel with companion technology free of problems.

We hope these tips are useful for your next trip abroad. If you can think of any more, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

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