101-year-old man survives the Spanish flu, wars and coronavirus

101-year-old man survives the Spanish flu, wars and coronavirus

We can call it invincible and we would not be wrong. We talk about a 101-year-old man that has survived several important historical events. The man is from the coastal city of Rimini, in Italy, and has an unequaled fortress.

Was born during the Spanish flu in 1918 and it was seen to grow between the two world wars. Now, he has become the oldest person to have recovered from coronavirus in the country.

He “Mr. P. ”, as they have referred to him, he was admitted to his local hospital seven days after having tested positive for COVID-19. But this is not his first pandemic, he was born with the strength of having lived during the Spanish flu, another of the worst that is remembered.

The 101-year-old man who recovered from the coronavirus

In the city of Rimini, which has 330,000 inhabitants, there are many infected. It is the second from Lombardy, in northern Italy.

When the man began to recover quickly, it was not long before he became the typical story that everyone talks about in the hospital, because everyone saw hope and, above all, the light at the end of the tunnel for the rest of humanity.

Upon fully recovering, this 101-year-old man was sent home. Although we are very old, the lesson is that not everything is written. The man thus added to the more than 9,300 cured of the country.

The mayor of the city, Gloria Lisi, affirms that the news is “A hope for our future”. Likewise, she did not hesitate to express her deep joy that the man had overcome the illness and was at home.

Although holding on to hope can be difficult, this man’s story should remind us that we should never give up. Humanity has the power to surprise us even from ourselves, no matter how dark the circumstances are.

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