10 ways to travel for free in exchange for accommodation and food

10 ways to travel for free in exchange for accommodation and food

There are several alternatives to travel for free or at a very low cost. Today we wanted to make a list with all the possibilities we currently know to find free accommodation in exchange for a few hours of work a day.

Surely you already know some of the options presented below, however, others may not know them. Each of them has its pros and cons, although they all meet the same intention, offer accommodation (and sometimes diets) in exchange for a few hours of help. What’s good about all this?

It allows us to travel at a very low cost. It is no longer necessary to empty the pockets to make a trip, in addition, it gives us other benefits such as knowing the culture of the place, interacting with other people, improving our language, making contacts, improving our cv in some cases, knowing new places, …

It also works if you are looking for a job abroad. Sometimes resources are scarce to start by renting a room or house, so starting this way can be a good option while you find a job in that country. Below you will find the different options to travel for free in exchange for accommodation and food.

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

You may have already heard of this alternative to work on organic farms. A large network of farms around the world where you can spend days to months and even a year learning and working in the environment of an organic farm.

They have a platform where you can find farms of all kinds and in places where you can even imagine. The function to perform will vary greatly depending on the particular farm.


Workaway works the same way as WWOOF. It is a website created to promote fair exchange between travelers and you can find many possibilities in all countries of the world. In addition to working on farms, on this platform, you can also find other alternatives such as working in hostels or homes of people where they need people to help with some tasks.


Helpx is another of the great platforms for WWOOFers. Like the previous ones, it is a great list where you can find organic farms, ranches, family houses, hostels and hostels, and even boats where you can volunteer in the short term in exchange for accommodation and food.


It is a Brazilian web portal founded by Ricardo ‘Rig’ Lima and Eric Faria that serves as a link between travelers and hotels, hostels, lodges and others to exchange travelers’ skills for accommodation. As they say on their website, life is about learning, sharing and traveling.

Unlike the other portals, here you can find more options focused on backpackers for short stays.


On this website, you can find many options to work as a volunteer in exchange for accommodation and food.

As for the use of the web is very simple, you just have to access Help Stay and choose the place where you want to do this volunteering. Once the country is selected, a list of all available options will appear. Clicking on one of these options you will know all its features.

Independent Hostelling

On this website to search for hostels, there are regular calls for people seeking to fill different jobs, both as volunteers and in low-cost accommodation in Scotland. So if your trip is to Scotland, you have to take note of this website.

Take care of houses

How good it sounds is about taking care of houses. An experience that is growing throughout the world and that today is used by many travelers to travel for free and spend a certain time stays in different places around the world.

These jobs are not paid but it allows you to stay for free. There are houses of all kinds, larger or smaller, houses on the beach, in the mountains, or in the cities. There are different portals where we can locate this type of services, you can learn more about caring for houses here.


Couchsurfing is a system to stay anywhere in the world for free. There is a network of people who offer a place in your home, usually the sofa, and you do not have to give anything in return, unlike the other websites mentioned.

In addition to being ideal for free travel locating a place to stay for a short period of time, it also works as a social network where you can meet other people, places, as well as perform other social and cultural activities.


A website whose operation is similar to that of Couchsurfing offering an international hospitality service of approximately 707,000 members in 231 countries. In addition to finding accommodation, it also offers help for travelers.

Base Volunteers

Like HelpX, Wwoof or WorkAway, it is a support and food exchange network. The projects that appear are varied and can range from agriculture to construction, work in hostels, language teaching, orphanages, community work, arts and crafts, cleaning, etc.

The particularity of this platform is that it is completely free, without any registration fee.

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