10 Things that only travel addicts understand

10 Things that only travel addicts understand

Do you consider yourself a group of travel addicts? If so, you will surely be one of the few who can understand this list of things related to inveterate travelers. Do we start the adventure?

Travel addicts: things that only you will understand

When we are going to undertake a trip when we prepare it when we return, the memories… Are you already making your mouth water? Well, don’t hesitate to start reading!

1. We are never satisfied

No, it is never enough. When it comes to travel, travel addicts always want more. Have you ever noticed that feeling of just returning from a place and already thinking about the next destination? It happens even while we are traveling!

2. Your passport, your pride

Because yes, because you are a real traveler. Because you have more stamps than the best collectors. Physical seals and stories that cannot be touched. Memories, adventures. Every time you open your passport, a moment that you cannot erase comes to mind. And that you will always have saved there.

3. You love airports

And you can’t deny it. Take a plane or not? That almost ends up being the least important. With being there, enjoying the views, the airplanes, the mere sound of a takeoff … Anyway, if you are reading this while daydreaming you are one more in this group of travel addicts.

4. Souvenirs or memories?

The same thing always happens to us. As much as we try to avoid it, we always come loaded with a backpack full of souvenirs. That magnet on offer for the fridge, the purse for mom, this notebook for my sister … Anyway, we convince ourselves that they are memories, but in reality, we are addicted.

5. Oh, travel books

Do you love to travel books? Not only the guides, but any related thematic book is also perfect to acquire, either in our place of origin or in the destination. Do you have a collection with books of all languages? Oh, friend, I am afraid that you have entered this group upside down.

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6. The adventures, two by two

Because you are not afraid of anything. What does it matter what will happen next? Adventure is part of you, it is a lifestyle. You don’t take everything planned for your heart, but you don’t need it at any time. You are one of those who get carried away, and that is a freedom granted only by having traveled.

7. Your origin? Any part of the world

You are what is known in a modern way as “a citizen of the world.” Yes, you are one of those travel addicts who always want more and more. Your homeland and flag? Any corner of the globe is good to feel just as comfortable as in your own home.

8. You travel alone, you travel accompanied

You travel in any way that suits you. Because you know that each trip is unique and will leave an indelible mark on you. You don’t mind having a company, just as it doesn’t matter if you don’t have anyone to go with. You will always move wherever you want. Because yes, because you can. Because you are a true traveler.

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9. Photos? Give me a thousand

How many photos do you keep on your mobile when you return from a trip? We always say: I will not get the typical image that everyone has. But if you later arrive at the place and everyone is doing it … How will you be less? It does not matter, there will always be time to erase those that do not fit you when you return home. Or not … What are the many memories!

10. The dilemma of returning home

Who has not believed that he has even taken depression when he has returned from an unforgettable journey? We raise the hand of travel addicts. However, you can also look at the positive side of all this: you are already calm and ready to plan the next getaway. You sign up?


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