10 Most Amazing Places to Visit In Thailand

10 Most Amazing Places to Visit In Thailand

Did you know that Thailand is known as the country of smiles? In such a colorful and happy place, it is not surprising that we find wonderful corners and secrets and incredible places. Tradition, culture, stunning landscapes. Thailand is that and much more. Do you dare to discover it?

1. Khao Sok National Park

This National Park is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in all of Thailand. Although throughout the country we can find much beauty like this, it is true that this is one of the best known for its wide diversity. In fact, it is a great first choice on this list of destinations in Thailand.

Without a doubt, this national park is one of the places to go in Thailand. Here you can find jungle forests or get lost in the caves excavated in its mountains. In addition, the rivers and lakes of the province provide that pure and fresh air that can only be breathed in a place like this.

2. Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital and the largest city in all of Thailand. Although it already stands out for its emblematic culture, in the city we find a wide offer dedicated to tourism. And it has multiplied in recent years with good deals on trips that we can find to visit the country.

In Bangkok, the first thing that will catch our attention is the number of people who inhabit it and travel it day after day. In addition, we will be impressed by the chilling height of its buildings, which will make us feel negligible. It highlights the great color that inhabits the city. A place not to get lost in Thailand!

3. Chiang Mai. Unique places in Thailand

Chiang Mai is known for being the capital of northern Thailand. A large number of travelers and backpackers meet here due to the number of things you have to explore.

They impress their beautiful wild landscapes; the tribes that continue to inhabit the mountains; and the large number of adventures that we can always experience outdoors. Chiang Mai is Thai culture and tradition and one of the best destinations to get to know Thailand in-depth.

4. Phi Phi Islands

To the south of Thailand, we find the small archipelago of Phi Phi. This has become in recent years a destination with great tourist demand. This has meant that the offer has also been forced to expand, and they already have a huge number of hotels.

This is the ideal place for all those who love snorkeling, beach activities and relaxation offered by island environments. Without a doubt, it is one of those incredible places in Thailand.

5. Ayutthaya

About 80 kilometers north of Bangkok we find Ayutthaya. This city is known for being a thriving international port and, at the time, the capital of the Kingdom of Siam.

The ruins that remained in the old town after being rased by the Burmese, are now a National Historic Park where we can enjoy ancient palaces, monasteries, impressive Buddhist temples, and countless historical statues.

6. Pai

To the north of Thailand, we find the small city of Pai, located on the river of the same name. This small town has earned fame as a meeting place for hippies, travelers and, above all, backpackers with a young and western profile.

In the village, we will find cheap hostels, a large number of souvenir shops and vendors offering their own artisan products such as bracelets. As a curious fact, in a small town, there is a wide range of vegetarian food.

7. Ko Lan Island

Ko Lan is one of the islands located east of Thailand. This island stands out for being an island of mountainous character, with large tropical forests. It is a different way of knowing an island from another point of view of fine sand and turquoise water.

As a curiosity, we have selected this island as one of the most incredible places in Thailand because its highest point is 205 meters and, above it, we can find a Buddhist temple located just on top of the mountain. Awesome!

8. Sukhothai

More than 400 kilometers north of Bangkok we find the city of Sukothai. The modern city is currently located about 12 km from the historic city. The latter is famous for having been the capital of the first Thai kingdom: the Kingdom of Sukothai.

As a traveler, you will enjoy this beautiful and historic city if you want to know its ruins and temples, as well as enjoy the history of Buddhism and imbibe it in the first person. Without a doubt, one of those incredible places in Thailand that you cannot miss.

9. Surin Islands

Are you passionate about island activities? In the Surin Islands, you can enjoy sports such as snorkeling or diving and a lot of activities related to the beach and the sea.

This archipelago is made up of five islands in the Andaman Sea. The Mu Ko Surin National Park is one of the biggest attractions and occupies no less than 135 square kilometers.

This park has become one of the most famous in the world and the islands have great tourist and natural attractions. Its great virgin reefs and beautiful landscapes are its hallmarks of quality and identity.

10. Kamala Beach

Love, beach, leisure… In short: fun. That is what awaits us in Kamala, known for being one of the best beaches in Thailand.

Located in Phuket, it is the place you have always dreamed of if you love living in peace and enjoying great breaks from your daily routine. Sunsets, completely virgin beaches. It is one of the best destinations in Thailand to travel as a couple and get impregnated with the romanticism that emanates from its fine sands and tropical palm trees. It is mandatory to enjoy the sun setting behind the sea in its wonderful sunsets.

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