10 free places you should know on your first trip to New York

10 free places you should know on your first trip to New York

If you know how to do, New York does not have to be expensive. On your first trip to New York, you should know what to visit and where to go to make your getaway as economical as possible. 

In fact, if you investigate well, you can even find endless free places to enjoy and soak up the culture of this amazing city. Parks, museums, activities for the whole family… Whatever you want, you’ll find it here. Discover 10 completely free places to enjoy on your first getaway to the Empire Statehouse.

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1.Central park

Who has never heard of the well-known Central Park? The epicenter of outdoor activity in New York is more than 160 years old, so approaching it is almost mandatory. 

With more than 25 million visitors per year, it is the absolute protagonist of countless movies, as well as the daily life of New York citizens. In half a day, we can have seen the zoo that houses, the MET or the Guggenheim.

2. Brooklyn Bridge Park

On your first trip to New York, you must go with a clear mind and open to know new places. This Brooklyn park is less known than the previous one. However, it has the same or much more charm. From here we can enjoy beautiful views of Manhattan, which makes it ideal to watch the sunset accompanied by a good picnic to end a busy day in the city.

3. Highline

The Highline is a public park created on the train tracks that connected the port with the various working quarters of Meat Packing. Touring this elevated enclave is one of the most beautiful walks you can enjoy in New York. However, do not be surprised by the large number of tourists who will be touring with you.

4. Metropolitan Art Museum, the jewel of the trip to New York

If we talk about museums we can not leave behind one of the most important in that expected trip to New York. We talk about the Metropolitan, a space that houses more than 5,000 years of history. Egyptian, Greek, medieval, Renaissance art, and cultures from around the world converge. 

The visit is free, although it is advisable to offer the donation that you see appropriate according to the budget you have.

5. MoMA

This museum is free on Fridays from 4 to 9 pm. It is worth it since it has become that corner where all hipsters want to be. In addition, here we can enjoy everything we need to know about the contemporary art of the twentieth century. One recommendation is to book before going.

6. Whitney

The Whitney Museum is one of the newest created in the city. However, that does not mean you do not deserve a quiet visit. Here we can enjoy more than 22,000 works of art from the 20th and 21st centuries created by American artists. It is a good idea if we want to soak up the news and new trends in art. In addition, it is free if you are under 18.

7. Smorgasburg

This is the market considered local. That is, here it is also where you can find all the hipsters of the city.

A mandatory visit in case you are in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. It is open from Friday to Sunday from April to the end of November. Here you can taste some of the most delicious New York dishes. Perfect to taste a complete brunch.

8. Chelsea Market

Another of the ideal markets to visit is the Chelsea Market. It is located in the Meat Packing District and has a variety of restaurants at different prices.

In fact, you can taste authentic delicacies by spending only about 20 dollars. Don’t you feel like eating? Nothing better than strolling through the alleys watching the city vibrate.

9. Neighborhoods in Brooklyn to see on your trip to New York

There are three trendy neighborhoods in Brooklyn: Bushwick, Dumbo, and Williamsburg. In Dumbo you can enjoy all the technological products you want, as it is the cradle of technological startups; The first is where those who cannot afford an expensive apartment live; The last one is the hipster cradle of the city.

10. Nolita

In full boom, one of the neighborhoods that still remains to be known is Nolita, located in the heart of Manhattan. Its acronym means North of Little Italy and here both food and art abound. To deepen it we can go to the New Museum and many other places. Get off on the subway line to Broadway-Lafayette and get lost in its picturesque streets!

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