The 10 Best Beaches In The Caribbean

The 10 Best Beaches In The Caribbean

When you think about the Caribbean, the first thing that comes to mind is endless paradisiacal beaches with crystal clear waters and endless banks of fine white sand. If you don’t decide on your next destination, look at this list with the 10 best beaches in the Caribbean and choose your favorite.

A delight for the senses and for all those travelers who are basically romantic and nostalgic inveterateThe Caribbean beaches are corners that you will love to know.

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1. Varadero, Cuba

The beach in Varadero is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and also the most famous in America. This destination is very popular from countries like Spain, so many European tourists arrive in order to know one of the best beaches in Cuba.

Playa Varadero is located on the Hicacos peninsula and its image is worthy of a beautiful postcard. Extensions of fine white sand that you can visit enjoying as if it were the best thing that has happened to you in life. In addition, it is one of the cheap Caribbean beaches and an ideal place for diving or snorkeling.

2. Grace Bay, Turks, and Caicos Islands

The Caribbean beaches usually stand out for their extreme beauty and for being calm and idyllic. However, Grace Bay beach stands out as one of the most natural and best-preserved of all Caribbean beaches.

Grace Bay Beach is a family enclave that today does not host mass tourism, a big problem in other beaches of the Caribbean Sea. In addition, it is a public beach with free access, which has all the ingredients to succeed.

3. Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

It was once named as Playa Suprema (Supreme beach) by the prestigious Caribbean Travel Life magazine. Therefore, among many other things, it is one of the best beaches in the world. It is located on the west coast of the Grand Cayman and is the best-known beach on the islands.

Crystal clear waters and coral sands is an enclave that attracts practically tourists from all over the planet. One of the features that stands out is its safety, you can walk throughout its length both day and night completely quiet. In addition, it is one of the Caribbean beaches for vacationing in which no one will touch your belongings.

4. Eagle Beach, Aruba

Eagle Beach stands out for its long paths of fine white sand like snow. It is located just 15 minutes from the center of Oranjestad, which is the capital of Aruba. It is one of the best organized Caribbean beaches in America and is a highlight.

Here you can find a large selection of places to eat, great and familiar areas designed for picnics, parking to spare, free umbrellas and endless offers for water sports. Although nudism is not usually allowed on the beaches of Aruba, this may be the exception.

5. Bavaro Beach, Dominican Republic

In Bavaro, you will find one of the best beaches in Punta Cana. They highlight its huge palm trees, its turquoise blue waters and fine sand that you will love to have between your fingers. UNESCO described it as one of the best beaches in the world and they have not been wrong.

It is located in the northeast of Bavaro Island, and next to other beaches form the well-known Costa del Coco. More than 40 kilometers of paradisiacal beaches that delight all visitors. It is one of the Caribbean beaches for those who love diving or snorkeling.

6. Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

Talking about the beaches of Jamaica brings us closer to amazing beach destinations. It is not surprising that one of the best beaches in the Caribbean is here. In this area, you can enjoy the most relaxing vacation of your life.

Seven Mile Beach is located in Negril and is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean all-inclusive. The place hosts mild temperatures throughout the year and numerous luxury resorts. In addition, its impressive coral sands and transparent waters create a dreamlike setting.

7. Los Roques, Venezuela

One of the best-kept secrets of Venezuela without a doubt is the Los Roques archipelagoThe continental zone is practically on global alert because it is one of the most insecure in the world. However, this area of ​​Caribbean beaches is far from the chaos.

It is listed as one of the economic Caribbean beaches, perhaps not for Venezuelans, but for tourists who arrive with dollars, euros or sterling. For example, you can enjoy a mojito for only 2 dollars and you will be in one of those beaches of the Caribbean Sea that you will never forget.

8. Paradise Beach, Cuba

He says it all with his juicy name, Paradise Beach has become an emblem of the beaches of Cuba. Here you will find the finest sand of all the beaches of the Cuban Caribbean and its sea is constantly calm.

Lie down and enjoy one of the delicious cocktails that you will find in the surroundings. As you do, you can feel the pleasant breeze of the good weather in the Caribbean. If you wonder what are the best beaches in the Caribbean for vacation, we assure you that Playa Paraíso is one of them.

9. North Beach in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

White colors in the sand, crystal clear and calm waters. That is what makes Playa Norte, one of the best beaches in the Mexican Caribbean. It is located in the privileged enclave of Isla Mujeres, one of Mexico’s tourist destinations.

To get to the Island, you must take a ferry, but it is a journey that is really worth it. As soon as you get off the ship, the image of an unrepeatable environment will appear before your eyes: one of the best beaches in America and the world.

10. Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

This spectacular destination has a completely natural beach. It is rated as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean for its luxurious landscape, which will delight any nature lover.

We can enjoy a steep background full of mountains. In the foreground, the turquoise waters and fine sands of light tones will complete a perfect setting for a vacation in the Caribbean. If you travel to the Culebra area, don’t forget to visit one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

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