10 amazing places to visit in Spain

10 amazing places to visit in Spain

Europe is a continent remembered for its past full of medieval history, battles and stories of romance and prohibitions, and of course from that indelible past, there are charming places, such as the towns of Spain.

Among them we find mountain villages, fishing, with cobbled streets and beautiful picturesque ports, where human warmth is the order of the day, in short, there are for all tastes and styles.

How many charming villages will there be in Spain? Countless! It is difficult to make a list of the 10 most beautiful villages in Spain, but it is possible and here we leave our selection.

1. Cudillero, Asturias

First of all, we will see one of the most beautiful villages in northern Spain, located precisely in Asturias. Incredible landscapes, surrounded by some of the best beaches in Spain, rivers, green valleys, waterfalls, vertiginous cliffs, and truly spectacular hills.

Cudillero is one of those magical towns in Spain where the fishing environment is still alive, it also highlights the cuisine of the place and the surrounding landscapes forming an incredible panorama. It is certainly one of the most beautiful places to see in the north of Spain.

Places in Cudillero

  • Cabo Vidio
  • La Garita Viewpoint
  • Aguilar Beach
  • Quebrantos Beach
  • Playa de las Conchas de Artedo

2. Aínsa, Huesca

In the Sobrarbe region, we can find one of the oldest villages in Spain, specifically in the province of Huesca. Emerged more than a thousand years ago, this Spanish town is one of the few that maintains the ancient architecture that has always characterized it.

If we think of medieval villages in Spain, Aínsa is one of them and its charming streets prove it. It is currently a privileged enclave of the road junction, which makes it a strong commercial in its squares. It is one of the villages of Spain that you must make a mandatory stop and fall in love with its corners.

Places in Aínsa

  • Main Square
  • Aínsa Sobrarbe Castle
  • Raid Sarratillo Adventure
  • The high Pyrenees
  • Trades and Traditional Arts Museum of Aínsa

3. Santillana del Mar, Cantabria

Its geographical location and the natural environment that surrounds Santillana del Mar make it a nearby place but at the same time, away from the chaos that cities accustom. It is one of the beautiful places in Spain where you can enjoy the landscape, the friendliness of its people, history and its wide cultural agenda.

It is one of the towns of Spain that continues to evolve and that has brought a great present, with countless cultural activities in Spain. Today it is one of the towns of Cantabria and Spain with the greatest cultural reference.

A town open to all, every day and every hour of the year, a modern and modern town, of leisure, art, tourism and prepared for a really promising future.

Places in Santillana del Mar

  • Plaza Mayor de Ramón y Pelayo
  • Barquillero Museum
  • Altamira Museum
  • Museum of the Inquisition
  • Hermitage of Santa Justa

4. Lastres, Asturias

Officially recognized as the most beautiful town in Spain, Lastres has become a symbol for the people of Asturias. Its old town and cobbled streets surrounded by palaces create an environment of charming places.

These intermingle with the simple fishermen’s houses, but they all have a common denominator: the sea breeze that caresses them constantly and the panoramic views of Mount Sueve and the Cantabrian Sea.

As if that were not enough, this town to see in Spain is surrounded by beautiful beaches, is an ideal setting for water sports, and to enjoy cultural beauties such as the Jurassic Museum, which is located nearby.

Places in Lastres

  • San Roque viewpoint
  • Church of Santa María de Sabada
  • Clock tower
  • Jurassic Museum of Asturias
  • Greek Beach

5. Cadaqués, Girona

To know the history of Cadaqués it is essential to visit the old town and lose yourself in its labyrinthine streets. It is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Spain, surrounded by a huge wall that forms the historic center of Cadaqués.

It is currently one of the most visited charming villages on the Costa Brava. Its white houses in front of its beautiful coves, the promenade by the sea to the lighthouse of Cala Nans and the picturesque streets are what really identify Cadaqués. We are sure that your visit to one of the best villages in Spain will take your breath away.

Places in Cadaqués

  • Cap de Creus National Park
  • Dalí House Museum
  • Cala Nans Lighthouse
  • Church of Santa María
  • Salvador Dalí Statue

6. Peñíscola,  Castellón

Next to the natural park of Sierra de Irta, the historic center of this town is located, on a rock topped by the castle of Peñiscola. It is currently one of the most visited villages in Spain and has many reasons to be.

The sea is the protagonist in this picturesque town, perfect for family travel. Peniscola also offers thousands of activities to get to know a little more about what is one of the best villages in Spain.

Places in Peñiscola

  • Peñíscola Castle
  • Sierra de Irta Natural Park
  • Monument to Pope Luna
  • Pebret Creek
  • Museum of Magic

7. Luarca, Asturias

Luarca is known as the white town of the Spanish Green Coast. Located just 90 kilometers from Gijón, it is another of the villages of Asturias that still maintains its fishing environment.

It is also recognized for its large and picturesque houses, it’s Mesa de Maleantes and the spectacular panoramic views from its cemetery. It also has many museums to visit, but also with numerous bars and maritime activities.

Luarca is a Spanish town that adapts to all types of tourists and a perfect corner to see in Asturias.

Places in Luarca

  • Luarca Cemetery
  • Chapel of the Watchtower and Lighthouse
  • Panrico Gardens
  • Otur Beach
  • Portizuelo Beach

8. Frigiliana,  Malaga

In the region of Axarquía in Frigiliana. Its old town of Arab origins is one of the best-preserved in all of Spain. The whitewashed walls, its narrow streets, and the stairs that run through the Barriberto neighborhood place it on this list of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

As a result, it is one of the beautiful villages of Malaga that meets all the requirements to be visited. Frigiliana offers a unique natural and architectural heritage, as well as other attractions and requirements, such as the hotel, festive, leisure and cultural offer.

Places in Frigiliana

  • Old Fountain
  • Chillar River Walk
  • San Antonio Church
  • Archaeological Museum of Frigiliana
  • Lizar Castle

9. Grazalema,  Cádiz

In the heart of the Sierra de Grazalema is one of the best villages in Spain, its urban center was declared a Historic Site, and is the typical popular architecture that blends perfectly with monumental wealth.

It is one of the most beautiful villages in Cadiz and its heritage jewel is the Baroque Church of Our Lady of the Aurora. Famous for the traditional blankets of Grazalema and also for other crafts of the Textile Crafts Museum.

A destination with a strong religious belief to see in Cadiz, but that is still fun and entertaining for tourists who visit it.

Places in Grazalema

  • Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park
  • Cabrero Falls Route
  • Grazalema textile crafts
  • El Torreon
  • Grazalema viewpoint

10. Bárcena Mayor, Cantabria

The only town included in the Saja Besaya Natural Park is Bárcena Mayor, located in a small valley of the Argoza River. Of all the towns of Spain, it is the only one that allows experiencing the living conditions of past times, and the evolution of the constructions.

All this within a wonderful natural environment, abundant in forest and water currents that finally transform it into one of the best places to visit in Spain.

Bárcena Mayor is organized in a single neighborhood with an alveolar structure arranged in a very particular way between streets and squares. Most notable is that they maintain the architecture that characterizes it and includes it among the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Places in Bárcena Mayor

  • Santa Maria church
  • Argoza River
  • Saja-Besaya Natural Park
  • Walk its lovely streets
  • See the bridges of the town

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