10 amazing places to visit in Norway

10 amazing places to visit in Norway

Norway is the perfect destination for cold lovers, no doubt about it. It is also for those nature lovers and who want to know exotic Christmas landscapes that you will hardly find elsewhere. There is a lot to see in the Nordic country, so in Travel Illusion we show you a selection with the 10 most beautiful places in Norway.

Have you ever thought about taking a trip to Norway? If you have done it but you don’t decide where to start, your villages are a great alternative. Spectacular landscapes, northern lights, or movie sunsets, are some of the reasons to visit it. But what to see in Norway? Find out!

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1. Reine

Reine is first on this list since the Norwegians themselves mention it as their favorite town. Although it is located within the Lofoten Islands, which will have their place in this list below, Reine is one of the most tourist towns in Norway today.

The first thing that will captivate you will be its colorful little houses by the sea with the sinuous and powerful mountain peaks in the background. This corner of Moskenesøya has never lost its essence of a fishing village, and that is what makes it so unique, unlike others.

In addition to its spectacular landscapes, Reine has a striking microclimate that provides enough heat for the surrounding polar islands to freeze rarely. A demonstration that nature not only surrounds the town but also protects it.

2. Geiranger

Geiranger is one of those spectacular villages of the Norwegian fjords. In addition, it is in the Geirangerfjord fjord, one of the most beautiful in the country. He has earned his title well as one of the most beautiful villages in Norway, and its importance led him to be protected by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.

In this town we will find small houses scattered throughout the nature of the fjord, creating film landscapes. This village guarded by green slopes and at the foot of a mesmerizing blue water lake, will captivate you from the first moment.

Snow-capped mountains, wild waterfalls that pour completely vertically, and extensive vegetation make this Norwegian town ideal for nature lovers. Without a doubt, a more than recommended option to enjoy a few days of peace on your trip to the fjords.

3. Tonsberg

If you want to learn more about the traditions of Norway, Tønsberg is the perfect destination. It has been chosen as one of the most incredible villages in Norway due to the charm it conveys to its visitors. This southern corner is ideal for those who wish to enjoy the good weather in Norway.

Here you can enjoy a unique and true Christmas market. Strolling through one of the most beautiful Nordic landscapes, among its charming stalls and trying Norwegian cuisine is a luxury that you should allow yourself at least once in your life. In summer it also stands out, especially for its beautiful sunsets in golden and ocher tones.

If you don’t know what to see in this Scandinavian corner, take a walk through its cathedral, its historic center, don’t forget the Nordbyen neighborhood, and enjoy the fortress of Tunsberghus. It is a perfect destination to add to your route through Norway.

4. Undredal

If you like charming villages, the houses of Undredal will captivate you from the first moment. In this Norwegian corner, most of the houses are built with a unique gable roof. This gives the village a magical touch and that is why Undredal is recognized as one of the most charming villages in Norway.

One of the most peculiar characteristics of this town is that its houses are usually of different colors from each other. They have their own personality and seems to be surrounded by magic. In addition, they are built on the banks of the fjord with large green mountains around. In Norway, there are many beautiful places and Undredal is one of them.

This town is not like one of Norway’s big cities, so you may not find it packed with tourists. However, that is what makes it such a special place to find a lot of peace.

5. Flåm

Flam is located in the longest fjord in Norway, the Auslandsfjord, and is another charming town to see in Norway. If you take a cruise through northern Europe, Flam is on most circuits in Norway due to the beauty of its landscapes.

If you prefer to travel on your own, you can reach Flam by train. This way, you can have more time to admire its film landscape. Forests of green tones contrast with small white houses and orange tones that are located on the banks of the lake. A show for the senses!

In addition, you can also reach Flam by boat. In fact, if you are a nature lover it is certainly the most recommended route. Ideal to forget stress completely.

6. Røros

If you are a lover of winter and Christmas in this town you can live it in a very different way than you have always imagined. Enjoying Røros at this time of year is one of those essential things to see in Norway.

Here you can enjoy a town that is practically a village. Its wooden houses and its unpaved streets give it a romantic air that does not go unnoticed. So much is the nature that is breathed, that even the roofs of the houses are populated with vegetation. Of course, remember that the climatic conditions are rather extreme.

It is one of the most traditional Norwegian villages, where you will feel the nostalgia of being on a true trip to the past. Its environment is so special that it has the hallmark of being a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

7. Moskenes

In Nordland County, we find Moskenes, another of the charming villages of Norway. It is usual for him to become the first town to be seen if we travel from Bodø. Actually, it is a port that only has a church, a food stand, a waiting room, and a huge line of travelers who want to take the ferry there.

Although it is very small, its houses can be counted practically with the fingers of one hand, but it has a special charm that is difficult to explain and, above all, to forget. Located south of the Lofoten Islands, it is usually a meeting point for those tourists and travelers who wish to see more of Norway’s impressive landscapes.

The administrative center of this municipality is found in the town of Reine. His name has a curious story behind it. It was named after the old Moskenes farm, where the first parish was built.

8. Fredrikstad

If more than nature you are looking for some more human warmth, Fredrikstad is your destiny. This town is somewhat more lively and its leisure offer is somewhat higher than the rest. It is considered the first Renaissance city in Norway, born there in the 16th century by order of King Frederick II.

Although its medieval charm makes it a unique town, it is somewhat more prepared for tourism. In fact, it has a city museum and a greater offer of bars and cafes. Its old town will impress you a lot and is located inside a large bastion at the mouth of Glomma.

You will be struck by the enormous fortifications that this Norwegian town has. This is because Fredrikstad was a Danish-Norwegian stronghold against the Swedes attacking from the East. A perfect place to experience the classic traditions of Norway.

9. Lofoten Islands

Lofoten is one of those towns that extend towards the sea, gradually moving away from the interior of the continent and its fjords. Here you can enjoy its impressive mountain peaks while touring its unique villages through which it seems that time does not pass. Lofoten is a land of fishermen and its small villages prove it.

As local food, you can not miss the lamb or seafood. And make sure you get close to one of its beaches. In the Viking Museum of Lofotr, you will be able to know the whole history of this impressive land, which has a great connection with the Viking Age.

Amazing beauty is what carries this corner and is, therefore, one of the most recommended destinations to see in Norway. It manages to surprise any traveler who falls there due to its majestic mountains and extensive beaches.

10. Longyearbyen

This town has a large colony of polar bears. More than 3,000 animals make their way to live in Longyearbyen. To visit this Norwegian corner is to be clear that you will find some of these friendly mammals spread where you least expect them.

It is recognized as the most northern city in the world, that is, the most northern city on the planet. The polar night in Longyearbyen lasts four months, where 24 hours a day is totally dark, while in summer it is the opposite.

Norway is to enjoy it to the fullest and in this town, you can do what we also love even if we are not locals. You can take an exciting dog-sled ride or take a dip in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. A fun and unforgettable experience. You will fall in love with the endless activities you will find here!

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