To go back to schools or not? The doubt of many parents in North Texas

DALLAS, Texas. – After a long wait, this Monday, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced the guidelines that schools must follow during the next school year and with things a little clearer, parents must now decide at least two weeks before the start of classes which system they would choose for their children.

The TEA reported that prevention protocols should be followed in schools, which include taking the temperature, mandatory use of masks, social distancing, and handwashing, he said.

At home the experience for many was difficult, but for parents, the question now is what works best for their children.

“It was all chaos”

For Mercedes Cruz, our Facebook group’s lie “Together against the coronavirus” the experience at home was total chaos, she has four children, in four different grades.

Via FaceTime attended us from the hospital where she undergoes chemotherapy for a Cancer with which she has struggled for more than four years and this is one of the reasons why despite the challenge of becoming a teacher, she prefers to have her children at home.

“My children are very young, they play wherever they want, and maybe the teachers will not be very careful if they get together, they are children, they will want to live together, they will want to play,” he says.

And although he believes that his children would learn more with the teachers, the fear of exposing them is stronger, and that is why he enrolled them in virtual classes in the Garland School District.

Several districts are getting ready for the changes to come in August.

Superintendent Michel Hinojosa assures that he works with parents and that his team will be ready for the safety of students and families.

Fort Worth:
In a statement, they said that the TEA guidelines are in line with their plans and that the safety of teachers and students remains their priority.

From the District there is concern that there is little time to prepare, Superintendent Marcelo Cavazos warned: “The state did not give us in this guide the option of managing the numbers of students who come to schools every day.”

The District is reviewing the guidelines that, to a large extent, are already included in your plan.

“We are committed to welcoming our families in a safe environment if they choose the in-person learning option. In addition, we are committed to providing an excellent education to students/families who choose remote learning. ”

Parents have up to two weeks before the start of school to make the decision, also if you decide to send your children to school and regret it, you can change your method after completing a full grading period of 6 to 9 weeks.

What do you think?

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