There is a big change in TikTok

To protect minors

A big change is coming to the application that lately – and especially since the ban on traffic due to coronavirus was implemented – has “conquered” our timelines and stories, both on Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, there’s talk of  TikTok, which has been upgrading user security since the end of April, barring people aged 16 and under from receiving or sending personal messages.

In particular, this change will take effect on April 30,  and according to the company’s security officer, the ban is aimed at “taking it one step further” in terms of restrictions already in place (for example, users cannot receive a message from someone they don’t have on their friend’s list).

“As part of our commitment to improving security at TikTok, we present new restrictions on personal messaging,” said  Cormac Keenan, according to the Independent.

He described the messages as “an excellent tool for allowing users to make new friends wherever they are in the world”, but noted that despite the good additions, how one can abuse the opportunity must be taken into account. 

Andy Burrows, head of the online safety of minors British National Organization for the Prevention of Violence against Children spoke for one very good move by the company and urged others to proceed with similar action.

He added that some people are taking advantage of the climate and targeting children who spend more time online.

“But such steps show that there are ways to make websites safer.”

TikTok, which hit the market in  2016, is extremely popular, especially at a young age, and has 1.5 billion downloads. Last year, it became one of the most popular applications in the world.

Its high popularity, however, highlighted the need for strict regulations to protect minors. As early as February, a series of measures were announced to monitor the activities of minors by their parents.

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