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Robots will do almost all housework by 2040, experts say

Do you hate ironing, dusting, washing dishes or doing laundry? Don’t worry because, thanks to technology, in a few years you will be able to forget most of these tasks. And, according to experts, by 2040 robots will do 90% of the housework for you. 

This is revealed by the Life More Automated Report, a document in which experts such as Professor Mischa Dohler from King’s College London or the futurologist Ian Pearson, in collaboration with the Compare The Market portal, have participated.

According to the predictions that we can see in this report, around 90% of domestic tasks will be fully automated thanks to robots, drones and virtual butlers with Artificial Intelligence. Although they do not believe that this will happen immediately, they consider that we will not have to wait too long for it either: they believe that we will be able to see it by 2040, in 20 years’ time.

Today, many of the household chores are more convenient and faster than before thanks to technology. Appliances like the washing machine or dishwasher have become a must in any home, and others like vacuum robots or kitchen robots have gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

However, there is still plenty of scope for automation. According to the report, the devices we know today will be completed with other new smart devices that will make our lives much easier. Here are some of the predictions included in the document:

  • Robots for the house. These experts hope that, by 2030, robots will arrive that will be in charge of loading the dishwasher with the dirty dishes and putting the clean ones in their place, as well as folding the clothes or changing the sheets.
  • Multifunction household drones. In the 2030s, they also believe there will be drones that will clean up dust and dirt from furniture, water plants, or control home security.
  • Virtual stewards with AI. This is the evolution of smart speakers and will allow us to easily manage tasks like shopping, paying bills, and more.
  • Virtual chefs. Today’s food robots will be able to evolve into virtual chefs. They will be holograms that will appear in our kitchen to help us in the preparation of the dishes.

We must not forget that the data provided by the report are still predictions that may never come true. And you, do you think we will see all this technology in our homes in 20 years?

Written by Editorial Staff

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