Cybersecurity trends that we will see in 2020

Cybersecurity trends that we will see in 2020

How will cybersecurity evolve in this first year of the new decade? In 2020 we will attend improvements in Artificial Intelligence, greater control over personal data and infections of more frequent equipment and peripherals.

Progress in Artificial Intelligence means that threats such as malware can be detected in real-time, allowing more effective data collection for problem-solving. It is not a trivial matter if we consider that cybercriminals also choose increasingly sophisticated threats: ransomware attacks skyrocketed 500% in 2019.

From the Capgemini consulting, they forecast that two out of every three companies worldwide will implement some type of AI tool to defend themselves, with special emphasis on improving network security, followed by data, communication extremes, and secure access. from managers to the system.

5 Cybersecurity trends by 2020

From Panda Security they reveal the main lines of evolution and change of cybersecurity during the next year:

Improvements in AI tools

These will be optimized and can protect the entire journey of a user, from the creation of the account to digital payments, monitoring data in real-time. The cybersecurity perspective can be much more complete for companies by combining real-time event flows, global threat models, static configuration data or local historical records.

New forms of authentication

Although they will continue to be used, captchas or traditional passwords will be gradually displaced such as biometrics, with forms of facial recognition, voice, iris or fingerprint.

More sophisticated cybercriminals

On the other side of the coin, digital criminals will also benefit from the potential of Artificial Intelligence to perpetuate their threats, exploiting vulnerabilities and sophisticated algorithms.

Improvement of privacy and personal data 

We attend an increasing concern for the privacy and use of personal data of Internet users, as the GDPR gives a good account. Users have also become more aware and demand more control, transparency, and security for brands. In 2020 consumers will be more owners of their data than ever.

Infected hardware

Be careful with new cyber threats such as juice jacking, which infects computers through chargers or USB devices, something that can negatively affect users and businesses. It is also expected to fatten the market for fakes and cloned devices.

Source: Panda Security

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