Covid-19: Internet ‘Giants’ ally against misinformation

Facebook announces a $ 100 million program to help SMEs around the world. Major online platforms have decided to join forces against the wave of misinformation found online over the coronavirus pandemic.

In a joint announcement released Monday night, companies  Facebook,  Google,  Twitter,  Microsoft,  Reddit,  YouTube  (owned by Google) and  LinkedIn  (owned by Microsoft) say they will “work together and work closely together cooperation on the answer we have to give to COVID-19. ”

“We will help millions of people stay connected while we fight virus misinformation by providing credible content on our platforms and sharing key information about our coordination with global health services,” his network says.

“We also invite other businesses to join us to continue protecting our communities,” they add.

In fact, Facebook has announced a  $ 100 million program to help small and medium-sized businesses around the world whose businesses have been affected by the coronary crisis.

“We understand that financial help can help small businesses continue to pay people who can’t get to their jobs. Here’s why I’m announcing today that Facebook is investing $ 100 million to help 30,000 small companies in over 30 countries around the world where our employees live and work. ” social media.

The same instrument was partnered with the Poynter Institute ‘s international data verification network ( IFCN ), an initiative involving the French Agency with a budget of $ 1 billion and providing for a subsidy of up to  $ 50,000. , for programs around the world with the fight against coronavirus misinformation.

Other measures announced by Facebook include bans on ads and publications that seek to disperse coronary panic or to promote treatments whose effectiveness has not been confirmed.  Posting ads on medical masks is also prohibited on this network.

Decisions that are needed at a time when global efforts to fight the virus are intensifying and when false information, casting doubt on the disease, are constantly circulating on the Internet.

Written by Editorial Staff

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