Coronavirus: This is the most popular application today

Video call up to 100 people at a time

As about half of humanity has been locked up in its homes to hide from the new coronavirus, an application has taken over the world.

The most popular application at the time of the coronavirus

It’s Zoom. One after another – imitating them around – users install Zoom on their mobile and fixed computing devices so they can talk to multiple people at once (up to 100). In the US today, Zoom is the number one application and in the UK the number 2.

Last week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson posted on Twitter a photo of him chairing the cabinet via Zoom, raising questions about whether this is completely safe.

Internet at the time of the coronavirus

In the US in March, Zoom users were nearly three times the number of users of the nearest competitor, Microsoft’s similar Teams video conferencing platform, according to research firm Apptopia. 

Zoom’s daily users reached 4.84 million in the US, compared with 1.56 million Teams targeting a more professional audience, and its nearly 500,000 users, also a competing Slack, according to Reuters. At Apple’s online store, Zoom is often at the top of the list of most downloaded apps.

And for telecommuting the Zoom at the time of the coronavirus

Not only adults, who are forced to do teleworking, turn to the Zoom for video conferencing with their colleagues, but also young students attending e-learning programs and online classes. Although Zoom itself does not disclose statistics, this year’s active users in March were estimated to be 151% more than in the same month last year, according to Apptopia.

Free calls up to 40 minutes

Zoom platforms offer video calls and audio calls, group meetings and productivity applications. Analysts attribute Zoom’s popularity to being easy-to-use and easy to install on multiple devices, while – like its competitors – it provides its basic version for free (for up to 40-minute calls) and charges the most feature-rich version. Zoom’s popularity may not translate as well into profits for Zoom Communications Inc., as according to financial director Kelly Steckelberg, “we’ve certainly seen an increase in usage, but a lot of it is about free software.”

However, shares of the California-based company, which were listed at $ 36 a share last year, have already hit $ 150, with Zoom Communications’ market value having more than doubled since the end of January. The value of Eric Yuan’s 50-year-old founder of Chinese origin (who owns 20% of the stock today) is estimated to have risen by at least four billion dollars since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, now reaching eight dollars. , which makes him the 182nd richest man on Earth, above and beyond George Soros, according to the Guardian.

The application that blooms within a coronavirus is safe

But there is a shadow to all of this and concerns about whether Zoom is safe for users against hackers and whether it adequately protects their personal data. A few days ago, New York Attorney General Letitia James expressed her concerns in writing to the company, according to the BBC, about its ability to cope with the growing user population and safeguard their safety and privacy. The prosecutor recalled that in the past Zoom had problems and had not shown fast reflexes to solve them.

A spokesman for the company assured that “Zoom takes the privacy, security, and trust of its users extremely seriously”. It also said the company was in contact with the Department of Defense and the UK National Cyber ​​Security Center to ensure the security of the implementation. 

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