Market Chaos: WWE begins to worry about after McMahon

WWE begins to worry about after McMahon

The hierarchical but also the financial situation seem to be literally in red alert in WWE, after what happened by the farewell of the two now ex-co-presidents George Barrios and Michelle Wilson, with the stock market that seems to have turned against wrestling business and against McMahon in particular, who will now have to put more than one patch on the various flaws reported after the loss of nearly a billion dollars from the collapse of the valuations of their Wall Street shares, in a situation that seems to be getting worse every day.

According to reports from various sources near and far from WWE, the problems may become even greater when Vince McMahon leaves the presidency and therefore the throne of the federation, probably only at his death, with a situation that is defined as very delicate as complicated for the post-McMahon.

During the last Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wanted to release more details about the situation that arose between WWE and Wall Street, saying:

You know the company is still safe for another 5 years, even if something should happen to Vince and there would be a lot of chaos, but it could still be held together.

At that point, things will become really strange, once again, because we don’t know who will lead the company after Vince. We have no idea.
It won’t be Paul Levesque, it won’t be Stephanie McMahon.

I mean, Paul Levesque could go on with the wrestling part, but he certainly won’t be the CEO or anything like that. The president of the company can’t do it because you know that Wall Street won’t accept him in that role, never having done it in his career.

So that’s the way … they’ll accept Vince as George Barrios and Michelle Wilson would have accepted, but you know now that everyone who works for Vince has an expiration date. ”

According to Meltzer, so if Vince dies or become unable to continue carrying on WWE, the situation would become very critical for the Chairman’s heirs, who will probably have to submit to someone else who comes from outside, as one could not have imagined even in the most imaginative storyline seen at the time of the Monday Night War.

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