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WWE is attempting to reinstate an old athlete

WWE is attempting to reinstate an old athlete

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WWE is attempting to reinstate an old athlete

WWE to reinstate an old athlete, Image via WWE

WWE is attempting to reinstate an old athlete

One of the tag teams that was very popular around the 2008/2009 biennium in the WWE was the one formed by Tyson Kidd and Harry Smith (David Hart Smith), better known together with Natalya as the Hart Dynasty, being all born from a Hart member of the famous Canadian homonymous family entirely rooted in wrestling, which were very often seen in the WWE in a match against Cryme Tyme or Nexus, before they were dissolved and David was released.

Apparently, in recent months, the WWE leadership would have proposed the idea of ​​summarizing the athlete, to get him back to fight in the WWE ring after almost 10 years from his last stint.

Despite his now historic teammate, Tyson Kidd is now retired due to a very bad injury reported a few years ago in a match with Samoa Joe, which almost caused him to be paralyzed and killed in a dark match in Raw, the management of the federation would be starting to re-establish relationships with the son of the British Bulldog, especially now that he would also like to bring his father to the Hall of Fame, almost 20 years after his death.

The detail that sparked the spark between the two sides would have been the invitation David accepted, to return to WWE TV screens in this week’s WWE broadcast The Bump, where David joined Natalya and her husband Tyson for remembering the good old days in the Stamford federation.

According to reports from the usual Brad Shepard, in fact:
” According to an internal WWE source, Harry Smith could soon return to work with the company .”


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