WWE takes a step back after Super ShowDown

WWE takes a step back after Super ShowDown 2020
WWE takes a step back after Super ShowDown 2020

The biggest event in February was held in Saudi Arabiacountry full of controversies, but also a lot of pasta. With all the problems that happened last year, nobody thought they would return to the country bringing the best superstars.

WWE has ethically acted incorrectly. Giving the victory to Mansoor, a wrestler full of radical ideas, represented by the company, who shows him as victorious every time someone confronts him. It also means burying a wrestler full time, lowering his self-esteem and fame.

The second thing was the image of women. As machismo is still present in the country where the soccer world cup is going to be played, until there, we all realized the mistakes made. Several wrestlers have refused to participate, and they are in full right.

Goodbye The Fiend

Now, whether it is a strategic plan by the company or not. Showing Goldberg, a great wrestler, the most undefeated in pro wrestling, winning the unbeatable Bray Wyatt makes many people wonder, how is it possible that Wyatt dominates everyone in such a way, except for a legend that only makes one or two appearances. Stellar per year.

This movement has not improved what was expected. The plan was to filter Vince fighting and see the reaction of the fans. But this if you get to ask before, did not fall into this new error. If the original plan is to ascend to the top, again, to Roman, do it with a serious wrestler, who can face you.

Because Goldberg, you already notice that he is not 100% physically. We just have to see his moves, the horrific jackhammer against Wyatt. A match that lasted just over 2 minutes. 2 jaw hooks, 4 spears, and a jackhammer. Very similar to Brock Lesnar‘s fighting

Surprising that again they both are at the top as in 2003. The Fiend match will be better forgotten for the company. They have created the best possible character, and in this way, they lose the title. But let’s not forget that you are entitled to a rematch.

Therefore do not distrust that your opportunity can be seized. At the moment the company is in good brown. He expects a lot from his fans, and this hard blow can make them respond in the same way. So you should start thinking about the future, and not the past, Goldberg.

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